Disney Access One to provide new ways to experience attractions

Disneyland Paris have announced a new and unique way to access your favourite attractions fast and with minimal wait. Disney Access One is a one time use access pass to select Disney attractions which allows you to ride your favourite attractions at a time that suits you.

What is access one?

Disney Access One is a €15 one-use fastpass. You will be able to buy it from the boutiques closest to the attraction and ride at any point during the day. As a little bonus, a small souvenir will be given upon purchase of the pass.

This is a limited-run Summer service and runs from 24th July – 30th September 2018.

Attractions available include:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Big Thunder Photographer
  • Indiana Jones et le temple du Péril – Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – La chaumière des sept nains (TBC)
  • Star Tours – Star Traders
  • Hyperspace Mountain – Light Speed Photography
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – Constellations
  • The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror – Tower Hotel Gifts
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith – Rock around the Shop
  • Ratatouille: l’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy – Chez Marianne

Annual pass discounts do apply on these Access One passes:

  • Infinity: 20% discount
  • Magic Plus/Flex: 10%

The standard FREE Fastpass service will still be in operation and is unaffected by Access One.

Is it a good new offering from Disneyland Paris?

Initially I was unsure of this new service and even called it a bad idea. However, if you do not visit often and really want to squeeze in your favourite attractions to make special memories with friends or loved ones, this product is potentially exactly what you were looking for. It offers the chance to quickly do some of the busiest attractions in the park immediately. That is actually something that could be very desirable for many people. Including a small souvenir, the price is not outrageously expensive but is likely to also ensure that not many guests will purchase it, this in turn allows the standard Fastpass to be reasonably unaffected.


It turns out that it’s not a bad idea at all. Let’s wait and see if it becomes a success.

Disney Access One visual with Dash

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