Weekly News: Windows, Music and Watchdog

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A busy week for Disneyland Paris fans. Ratatouille continues to advance at fast speed, the resort was featured on the BBC’s consumer-rights program Watchdog and a wonderful new window display has gone up in Discovery Arcade. It’s the weekly news of course! (And actually on a Friday for once!)

Ratatouille Area Loop Tested In New Video

Music is a key part of a Disneyland Paris experience, each part of the park has it’s own unique sound and Ratatouille is no different. The loop we’ll be hearing along La Place de Rémy will be a mix of the original Ratatouille score (one imagines the same will be true for the attraction as well).

The French Disney fansite Radio Disney Club took this video featuring an area loop test from everybodies favourite fence in Toy Story Playland.

I’ll wait until I’m in the area to pass judegment, but from what I hear from this video; it sounds good! I would like a slower, romantic loop for those twilight evenings when the area is illuminated. But that’s just me.

My friend, Disneyland Berry also disclosed a few new pieces of Ratatouille information:

  • The queue area will hold around 70 minutes of queuing space.
  • Narration on the attraction will be in both English and French
  • Cast Members will wear luxurious and exclusive new costumes.
  • Ratmobiles will have variants in 5 different colours.
  • La Place de Rémy will be joined by Allée des Marchands and Rue Auguste Gusteau
Wonderful New Window Display In Discovery Arcade

OSRAM have been a sponsor of Disneyland Paris for well over a year now, and their presence is being felt more and more as time goes by. And that is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Rather, on the contrary, it’s a good thing. This new window display designed by David Goebel is a wonderful demonstration of just what Disneyland Park is – a great themed adventure. I’m glad that if an advertisement was going to be placed, it has been done in this tasteful way. In fact, it actually improves on the previous display. To all involved in this – bravo!

Disneyland Paris On BBC’s Watchdog Over Hotel Refurbishment

For so long, Disneyland Paris fans have been wanting these hotel refurbishments. But it would seem that some guests are less than pleased.

This BBC Watchdog report (Possibly UK only!) laid some very interesting claims about the resort. Most of which are true. But unlike the report claims, most of which are not hidden anywhere – and are communicated to guests.

Disneyland Paris is currently in the process of a large-scale hotel refurbishment plan, currently Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club is going through this refubishment. Disneyland Paris told the travel agent that the featured family (The Cook-Thomas family) who are due to be going in June 2014. However, the travel agent did not pass this information along to the family who only found out after a friend did some research and told them.  You don’t have to research far, as a quick look on the UK Disneyland Paris website quite clearly states the works, and what will be closed. Oddly, for a short Disneyland Paris break, the family seemed more concerned with all-you-can-eat buffets and a Jacuzzi – naturally the closed facilities disapointed them. Disneyland Paris offered a cancellation, or a hotel upgrade (at cost). So, a smiley presenter – looking thrilled to be getting a license-fee paid trip to Disneyland Paris – set off on a hidden camera style tour to investigate what was really going on. (Obviously, the result was going to be, exactly what Disneyland Paris’ website said would be going on). So, happy presenter is sent on his way to look at the hotel restaurants. These are closed. But don’t worry – Dinner is still served in the Convention centre. The decor isn’t quite as nice – but the food is more than likely the exact same quality. The Swimming Pool is advertised as being closed on the Disneyland Paris website. The intrepid reporter went to investigate. Sure enough, just as Disney stated. It’s closed. The presenter looks to camera and states what is closed, almost in a way that makes him sound surprised. But it’s printed quite clearly elsewhere.

Perhaps the most flabbergasting moment of the report is the look of shock when the reporter decides to open a door with large letters on it “Chantier, Interdit au Public” and finds a building site. These areas of the hotel are ‘forbidden’ for a reason. But don’t worry guys – it’s all Disney’s fault!

Or is it? It’s clearly all the Travel Agent’s fault. Not passing on key information to the customers is a huge issue. But researching your destination before visiting is key, especially a year-round theme park resort such as Disneyland Paris. Nevertheless, the customer changes hotels and will be enjoying their holiday (presumably at Disney’s Hotel New York).

Disneyland Paris released a statement – which you may read here. 

So, as a Disneyland Paris fan, you probably are not surprised on my viewpoint. Nevertheless, I’d love to hear yours. Comment below, or send them to me via e-mail or twitter.

A Half Marathon Heading To Disneyland Paris?

Let’s end on some better news shall we? This morning Disneyland Paris’ Cast Member association CastMemberland operated a fun-run. Nothing out the ordinary there? But shortly after an image appeared on Instagram of a button given at the finish telling Cast Members to get ready for a Half Marathon on September 1st 2015. Is this the long-rumoured RunDisney event? Well, this news clearly wasn’t intended on being released today, as the images on instagram have now been deleted.

So, speculate away Disneyland Paris fans!


And that’s about it this week! Thank you for reading, have an excellent weekend! (And enjoy the holiday weekend if you are in the UK!)

Weekly News 20th May: Ratatouille and Main Street Advances

Ratatouille Haussmann architecture

Weekly News Banner 20th May

Another slow week in Disneyland Paris, but we’re in the run up to the biggest news in many years for Disneyland Paris. Ratatouille is looking almost complete! I would say that in a month from now, we will have rather a lot to discuss. This week however, it’s all Main Street and Ratatouille.

Main Street Refurbishment Continues

Scaffolding has appeared in front of the Boardwalk Candy Palace as the big Main Street USA refurbishment continues to take shape. This adds to the Main Street Transportation hub scaffolding which has been in place for around a month now. It’s a shame that these temporary structures have not been themed making Main Street look more like a building site to paying guests – but in return we will have a refreshed and better looking Main Street. It’s a small price to pay for such large improvements.

 Ratatouille gains a sense of realism

Ratatouille is turning into the flagship Walt Disney Studios Attraction. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The one that is of highest Disney quality. The veranda has appeared on Bistrot Chez Rémy, the toilets sign has been unveiled and a series of street signs all add to the Parisian realism.

What I like most about this development is this level of realism; it’s not enough to be totally realistic, but enough to be this fantasised version of Paris. There would be little use in ‘re-creating’ Paris a mere 30km from the city itself. The imagineers have effectively created a caricature of the city presenting her features but in a way that plays on its stereotypes. This is an amazing development and one that sets the standard for the park. The future is bright at the Walt Disney Studios.

Community Links

Plaza Gardens: Fresh from his stay in Disneyland Paris has brought back a load of photos from the Hotel Santa Fé. 

Dedicated to DLP: Podcast Episode 37 – Fan Feedback Special

Have an excellent week!

Weekly News: Ratatouille and Imagination Castles

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A slow week for Disneyland Paris news, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing at all to talk about. An important milestone was passed on Saturday as we are now officially two months until the opening of Ratatouille.

Ratatouille s’avance

Can you believe it. We are now under two months away from the grand opening of Disneyland Paris’ newest attraction and along with it, a brand new area themed to the Paris of Disney Pixar’s RatatouilleLa Place de Rémy features a beautifully themed Parisian street showing off the best that imagineering can do. But for many months, it has been asked how the tower of the costuming building will be hidden. In a world where theme is everything, surely Disney wouldn’t leave a major eyesore on the horizon? Fear not Disneyland Paris fans, as this week the tower was covered in a market style covering.

Creation of a vegetable garden at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

In preparation for the opening of the Bistrot Chez Rémy in the Walt Disney Studios park, Disneyland Paris have created a vegetable garden located next to the Hotel Cheyenne in order to grow all the ingredients that will be needed to create the traditional French dish ‘Ratatouille’.

You can read much more on the Disneyland Paris Bons Plans blog as found by my good friend @CafeFantasia 

Imagination Castle on display at the Jardin des Tuileries

This weekend, just 45 minutes away on the RER A from Disneyland Paris, you would have  found a little piece of Disneyland Paris in Paris. For one weekend only, the imagination castle made it’s appearance in Paris’ iconic gardens leading from the Place de la Concorde to the Louvre art gallery. It follows a lengthy advertising campaign aimed at children to submit fantasy castle ideas in the form of drawings. A judging process took place, and the final castle created and built.

What was perhaps just as striking as the castle was what would have greeted you at the Metro station Concorde. Imagine all the people passing through this station – this is advertising at it’s best for the Parisian resort.

Community Links

A good week for the Disneyland Paris community. Here is just some of the best content.

Plaza Gardens: Live tweets from Disneyland Paris. 

Dedicated to DLP: Euro Disneyland 1992 Guide book. 

Why not read some Disneyland Paris tips from Cast Member extrodinare Claire Doran

Have a great week!


Weekly News: Management Shuffles, Christmas, PhotoPass+

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Happy Star Wars day to you! A rather interesting week this week, a few bits of big news. One will only interest hardcore Disneyland Paris fans as we discuss management changes, other news involves a Disney Video Game and finally we move into some interesting Disneyland Paris news from the new UK brochure. To top it all off, a few articles you must read from the Disneyland Paris community. Let’s begin!

Joe Schott to leave Disneyland Paris, to be replaced by Daniel Delcourt.

Many of you will know Joe Schott as the guy who stepped in and allowed Disneyland Paris to see huge improvements. Well, a promotion has come his way and he is leaving Paris to go to California. I just want to say a huge thank you to Joe Schott for everything that he has done. Why not read a Meet-and-Eat with Joe Schott on Magic Forum? 

Daniel DelcourtObviously, a replacement will be needed. Enter Daniel Delcourt. Name sound familiar? It should. His Disneyland Paris resumé is already rather large. Let’s run through it quickly.

  • Food and Beverage Manager – April 1996 – September 1997
  • Operations Manager: Disney Village – September 1997 – January 1999
  • Ranch Davy Crockett & Golf Disneyland General Manager – February 1999 – June 2000
  • Hotel Sequoia Lodge & Golf Disneyland General Manager – June 2000 – June 2002
  • Entertainment Operations Director – June 2002 – June 2004
  • Production/Operation/Technical/Support Logistics Entertainment Director – January 2002 – December 2006
  • Hotels and Business Solutions Vice President – January 2007 – April 2012

Mr. Delcourt currently works as Vice President Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort Anaheim.

I look forward to seeing what he brings to Disneyland Paris, along with my best wishes.

This was reported by @InsideDLParis and at the time of writing has not been confirmed by Disneyland Paris or the Walt Disney Company. 

Tom Fitzgerald remains at Paris, also heads up Creative at Epcot

In week old news, but somehow lost in everything else. Tom Fitzgerald has taken on a new role in Epcot at Walt Disney World as Creative Director. WDW magic reports that Epcot is looking to imagineers to restore a bit of the originally planned theme to Epcot.

Source: WDW Magic

 Frontierland in Disneyland Paris as a Disney Infinity Featured Toy Box.

For those of you who don’t know what Disney Infinity is, Disney Infinity is a computer game allowing players to put Disney figurines onto a base and appear in-game. Players are also able to create worlds. Each week, Disney propose a challenge that players may create toyboxes for and upload to the competition. The best of which are made available to all players over the internet. This week’s 3rd best Toy Box in the Disney Parks challenge was named ‘Frontierland DLP’. Let’s take a look.

It all begins in Fantasia Gardens, walk under the Disneyland Hotel and Main Street opens up.

Infinity Main Street

As you walk up Main Street USA you are able to enjoy a view of the castle in Central Plaza

Castle in Disney Infinity

Entering Frontierland (the only land available in this toybox) and the familiar Thunder Mesa opens up.

Disney Infinity Thunder Mesa

The only attraction you are able to enter and explore is Phantom Manor, but don’t let that put you off! Phantom Manor in Disney Infinity is a fun game with the aim of saving Mickey Mouse!

Phantom Manor in Disney Infinity

Huge congratulations to erdadi3 for creating this. It was fun to play. Play it yourself on Disney Infinity. Or download Disney Infinity on your computer for free to play the toy box!

New Disneyland Paris Brochure reveals new Disneyland Paris information!

A new Disneyland Paris brochure has been released!  First up, Halloween will run from 1st October until 2nd November 2014. No September running this year. It would be nice to see this season extended, especially since a ‘harvest’ theme has been introduced. Perhaps next year? No news on any new features. The Halloween Soirée has been listed to cost £34 for entry. Using current exchange rates that equals €41.

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas runs from 9th November 2014 until 7th January 2015. Yes, that’s right, it extends past the 12th day of Christmas. But considering it took them a very long time to take the tree down this year, I don’t think we need to worry about that too much bringing back luck. Confirmed in the brochure is the return of Disney Dreams! of Christmas.

Olaf during Disney Dreams! of Christmas
Copyright – Disney

Swing into Spring returns next year, slightly earlier though! The season will run from March until May 2015. No exact dates yet, but it’s still early.

PhotoPass+ arriving in Disneyland Paris this summer!

Great news for Disneyland Paris fans as Photopass+ is scheduled to arrive this Summer! No news on new features within the parks, or if this includes roaming photographers or not. The description given in the new brochure is as follows.

“Disney’s Photopass is the picture perfect way to capture your magical memories in great photos – and get everyone in the picture!

New: PhotoPass+ lets you collect and save all your souvenir photos as high quality digital files, plus share them online or on your mobile. (Available from Summer 2014).”

I’ll keep you posted as to what we can expect as soon as I know!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train dedicated in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

This is not Disneyland Paris news in the slightest. But a major new attraction has been revealed  in the Disney Parks universe and it looks great! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the centre piece of New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida. The attraction which is half roller-coaster, half dark ride is based on the first Disney animated motion picture Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. From the 28th May, guests at the Magic Kingdom can explore the dwarfs mine with new animatronics that look like they have jumped straight out of the film. Check out the dedication ceremony and an on ride video below!

From the Community

Dedicated to DLP: HiPark Serris-Val d’Europe Review // Carl and Russell from UP Invade Adventureland // Swing into Spring Podcast

Designing Disney: Designing the Disneyland Paris Fantasia Gardens

Have a great week, and may the force be with you!  Que la force soit avec vous!

Weekly News: Main Street Refurbishment Begins!

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During the What’s New, What’s Next event in September 2013, one of the big headlines was that there was to be a total refurbishment of Main Street USA. We were told that scaffolding would ‘go up in weeks’. Well, quite a lot of weeks later and it has happened. Also this week we have seen advancements on the Ratatouille attraction as well as damage in the Nautilus. Let’s get started.

Main Street USA Refurbishment Begins!

As previously mentioned, this refurbishment has been a long time coming – but it has finally begun in earnest. Scaffolding has gone up over part of the Main Street Transportation building. No news on how long it’ll be up for, or even if more will be going up any time soon to cover the rest of the building.

Regrettably this white covering looks rather cheap and nasty – let’s hope it is either not up for too long, or gets themed. Also due to be part of this refurb is Main Street Station, not sure when this will happen yet but as the station currently has a Spring Decoration and will have Halloween and Christmas decorations, I’d bet on summer.

Progress, or De-progess around the resort!

Most Disneyland Paris fans will have heard of, or will follow @insidedlparis – It’s a twitter/facebook account I cannot recommend enough, they constantly keep us to do date with the goings on around Disneyland Paris. This week has actually been rather busy.

Let’s begin in Fantasia Gardens where the resurfacing work outside the Park exit gates has concluded leaving a pavement that looks as good as new! Works have now moved slightly further down, this is part of a wider scheme of refurbishment of the entire Fantasia gardens paving.

Safety first it would seem as after the set of stairs leading up the castle (on the left hand side when looking at it straight on from Central Plaza), we now have the Adventureland Bazaar getting safety railings. They look unobtrusive, so I’m fine with them.

Whether an accident or not, I hope this gets fixed pretty quickly. Just a little respect please. These displays really do add to the Disney experience. I’m willing to believe this was an accident though – I don’t think guests break things on purpose.

Ratatouille Progress

Big progress on the fountain in La Place de Rémy this week. Themeing has started to extend over the metal framing for the fountain. And well, it looks pretty incredible. I cannot wait to see this area completed, it’s going to look stunning.

Advertising for the new addition has also ramped up, not so much outside the resort but inside Disneyland Paris itself there is an increased amount of evidence that this ride is opening very soon. Firstly, take the former Toy Story Playland advertisement (that was still advertising it as new last week), and see this beautiful new piece with a very familiar visual.

Take a good look at the right hand side – I adore that art deco styling on a Parisian style advertising board. If Disneyland Paris want to sell me art deco merchandise, I’ll be leaving my next trip was a rather unhealthy bank account.

Secondly, you’ve just enjoyed a good day at the park and you’re heading back to the parking area. When is your next trip? Well now, a big advertisement is suggesting that perhaps July could be a good time as you’d be able to discover a new attraction:

A great idea! And a new lovely visual!


So, it’s that time again. May is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing – A new pin poster of course! A full article is to come on this, but here is the new month’s releases.

May Pin Poster - Low Quality


Meanwhile – why not take a read of Dedicated to DLP’s opinion on these pins!

If anyone is able to buy me the Ratatouille pin, please get in touch and we can sort out payment – Thank you, I just love that pin!

And finally…

A reasonably quiet week across the community, but here are a very links to satisfy your various Disney needs:

Dedicated to DLP: The 4 seasons of Disneyland Paris – Is it the right thing to do?

That Disney Lover: Doing Disney Alone  – Part 1 // Part 2


Have a nice weekend!

Weekly News: Rats and Spiders in Disneyland Paris

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Weekly News 21st April banner

This week’s news is a short one. Why? Because I was in Disneyland Paris and so didn’t really manage to catch up with much in the way of news. What I can promise you though, is two big pieces of news and a series of articles about my trip are on the way. – In case you didn’t keep up with my constant tweeting, the new spring festivities have been done very well and lead to perhaps my favourite trip ever.

Ratatouille: Opens 10th July

You’ve been waiting years for this news, Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy opens on the 10th July 2014. Yes, that’s right: from July 10th you’ll be able to shrink down to the size of a rat and eat food in a rat sized restaurant. This news came after months of waiting on the part of Disneyland Paris fans with speculation ranging from the day of the French National Holiday (14th July – mark that in your diaries as a day to avoid DLP) to the 7th July. See – as a community we were never that far off! A full report of developments will come in the coming days as I bring you some photo updates from the construction site. For now though, watch and marvel at this fantastic YouTube video released by Disneyland Paris:

From the 19th April – Meet Spider-Man at the Walt Disney Studios Park

Marvel has finally landed at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris with the limited opening of a new Spider-Man meet and greet. From the 19th April until the 14th July head to Backlot and meet the masked hero himself and get onto the front cover of the Daily Bugle.

Spider-Man Disneyland Paris Visual
Is this a good addition to the Disneyland Paris lineup? Will you be queuing to take a picture with him? Would you like more MARVEL characters in the Studios park?

One last thing….

I’ve got lots of articles to write detailing my trip to Disneyland Paris soon. I hope to have them up as soon as possible. Also, Disneyland Paris e-mailed round restaurant opening hours for the next six months to fansites – As I received the information, I hope to make it available in some form to you all as a useful trip planning tool.

Thank you for following my live tweets – they are all still available to read here on this website. 

Weekly News: Spring is here! Ratatouille makes progress

Queen of Hearts Castle.

News Review 6th April banner

What a week! Disneyland Paris have launched their newest season that brings the term ‘Flower Power’ to a whole new level as well as making huge visible advances on the Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalment toquée de Rémy. It would seem that the low season is finally over and we are in to this brand new year of excitement.

Swing into Spring opens at Disneyland Paris

We’ve been discussing the new Spring Festival since December – We’ve been excited at what was to come, frustrated at the lack of news and everything in between. But now, it’s here and it looks good. Last week we brought you images of the toparies that decorate Main Street USA – now the station has been decorated in this new image from @insideDLParis


It’s not just the Station that has changed for the season, characters have been dressed for the occasion, the parasols have made their return from winter hibernation and bird song have made their way into the Main Street loop. Most importantly however, shows have returned to Disneyland Paris – for a long time they were the feature that Disneyland Paris lacked but now they are back and they have fitted back where they belong. First, Welcome to Spring. This show takes place Saturday – Wednesday in Town Square. The show sees performers sing along and dance to various songs from the era in which Main Street is set. This show adds a lot of atmosphere and just works perfectly. See how the performers interact with guests in this video from DLP Welcome:

This is the type of show we should be seeing in Disneyland Paris every day no matter what season – it just helps set the scene somewhat. Moving on to the Spring Promenade taking place on Central Plaza and the Royal Castle Stage – this show is rather unique in the way that it takes place in two distinct places and yet manages to other two different experiences to the same show. Now, the music to this show was always on to something great when they borrowed from Mary Poppins and the Tokyo Disney Spring Fever carnival. But not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the show would be this good – yes it’s simple, but it’s brilliant in its simplicity. Again, check out these videos from DLP Welcome of the two experiences:

The real success story here is how joyful the show is mixed in with the music. That Let’s Go Fly a Kite section looks magnificent. The park’s programme has also got a Spring spruce up with all the new events naturally listed. Disneyland Paris Programme 5-11 April 2013: SpringI’m going to Disneyland Paris next weekend, so make sure you follow me on Twitter and check back here when I get back where I’ll break down piece by piece my thoughts on Swing into Spring.  

Ratatouille makes huge visual progress

It’s getting close now. A huge visual clue that La Place de Rémy is nearing completion appeared this week at Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy received a new sign. (Photo: Disney Central Plaza)

Ratatouille: L'Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy sign
Mouetto – Disney Central Plaza

I’m impressed by this sign. The lighting that is evident from this photo should allow for beautiful night shots of this area – now all we need is the Walt Disney Studios Park to be open at night! Today (Sunday 6th April), reliable news source @insideDLParis posted photos of this sign which has been completed with a ladle.

Finally, Disney’s Fastpass ticket distribution area has been created with a rather classy looking font.

This area is shaping  up to look fantastic – It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. – An opening date perhaps?

Disneygraphy Magazine!

Disneyland Paris fans were in for a treat this week as the guys from Disneygraphy released their new magazine. This time round explore Walt’s,  Sir. Mickeys Boutique and the creation of the Nautilus.

Read it now! 

That’s it for this week – I’m off to grab a drink and read the Disneygraphy Magazine. – There’s a few articles to come from me this week – Enjoy!


Weekly news: New maps & April Pins!

Ratatouille WDS Map Icon blurred

Weekly News banner - Ratatouille Walt Disney Studios Map blurred.

You know when you’re a Disneyland Paris fan when maps excite you. We’re approaching the new map cycle and with it, the summer maps are beginning to arrive in the resort. What opens this summer? Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy of course! And yes, it’s on the map!

Map of Walt Disney Studios zoomed in on Ratatouille


It just goes to show, we are one step closer to the attraction becoming reality – the only thing ‘missing’ is the iconic Gusteau’s sign – but that’s not important. It’s almost ready – just a few short months and we’ll get to experience the attraction for ourselves!

April 2014 Pins

I usually write a blog post about pins each month – and I’ll still do that for these April pins, however we now know the pins being released this month – and it’s a fantastic selection.

Pin releases for April 2014 in Disneyland Paris


I’ll write up my thoughts later, but these are a wonderful set of pins that’ll make a great addition to your collection. Now, moving on to the fantastic Pin trading day – I think it’s rather obvious what the theme is from above: Spring. But it’s always nice to have a little poster to go along with it detailing events for the day.

Pin Trading Day Poster April 2014


Let’s Swing into Spring during this fantastic pin trading event which will offer, no doubt, plenty of Spring pins to add to our collections. Again, I’ll speculate in a future article as to what we can expect from this event.

Swing into Spring: It’s here! – Almost!

Activity at Disneyland Paris this week has been high as toparies have sprung up (forgive the pun) across Main Street USA as pictured in this series of tweets from InsideDLParis.






Art on Demand: It just keeps getting bigger!

Disney Art on Demand launched in Disneyland Paris last year to a high level of praise. Disneyland Paris knows that you like it – and so have added even more art for you to add to your collection.

“To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of It’s A Small World, over 50 new Mary Blair works are now avaliable in the Art of Disney On Demand catalogue. The section covers also covers some films she worked on as Artistic Director”

It's A Small World art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demand

Alice in Wonderland art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demand


“We’ve also added a number of concept arts of our icon – Sleeping Beauty Castle.”

Castle art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demandSo – what do you think? Will you be buying any of these? Let me know!

That’s about it!

That’s all for this week. You may notice our temporary spring re-design – this won’t last long , so enjoy it while you can. Furthermore, I’ll soon be heading off to Disneyland Paris – any picture or video requests are welcome!

Have a great week!

Week Review: Studios, Rats, Trains and Ireland!

Earful Tower blurred

News Banner 24th March 2014

The weekly news is back with a bumper edition! Sorry there hasn’t been one for a little while, the mix of not enough news and my busy life didn’t go well together. But hey, it’s here now. So, a reasonable amount has happened in the last couple of weeks. Let’s recap it now!

Gare de Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy gets a new entrance!

For a while now, Disney have wrestled with a problem: Public Access. You see, from the Vinci multi-story carpark that serves Disney Village you must pass through security to get to the RER/TGV station. This means that the bag checks you see today are not permanent – and if somebody wanted to, they could kick up a fuss about it. The station to the car park must remain a public access route. So on the 14th March, @InsideDLParis tweeted a planning application board from RATP giving details on a solution to this problem – build a new entrance!


So, that’s it, problem solved right? This will take time folks – We’re now in a public consultation phase. All goes well, preparatory works will begin at the end of the year for a late 2016, early 2017 opening. This one is going to take time!

Crush to get even more turtally-awesome!

One of my favourite attractions in the Walt Disney Studios park at the moment is Crush’s Coaster. Why? It’s a unique, fun experience. It’s unlike any ride I’ve been on here in the UK. But like all attractions, eventually it got to the stage where some TLC was needed. Well, the attraction has just entered its maintenance phase. Along with it, a good chunk of a change in circulation in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Map of circulation in Walt Disney Studios during the crush refurb.

Various pieces of activity have already been spotted from repainting the rock-work to installing a single rider queue line. – Lets hope this makes the queue go down faster for single riders (90+ minutes by yourself just is not fun). I’m sure we all hope that we all get an even better ride experience once this refurb is over. Estimated re-opening is currently the 12th April.

Walt Disney Studios Park turns 12!

It’s not exactly a milestone year, but on March 16th the Walt Disney Studios Park became 12 years old. It’s been a tricky 12 years for the smaller of the two Parisian parks – widely regarded as the worst Disney Park in the world – however, things are on the up. Crush, Cars, the Tower of Terror and the upcoming Ratatouille attraction really proves the park is heading in the right direction. Keep plugging away Disney, we want this park to be the best it can be too! For now though, Happy Birthday and here’s to the next 12 years!

Happy 12th Birthday Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated in Disneyland Paris!

It’s a Disneyland Paris tradition that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on 17th March in Disneyland Park. This year was no different; from special shows, to pre-parades, to character meets and fireworks – this year Disneyland Paris pulled it out of the bag! The pre-parade featured a special remix of Magic Everywhere! and the Chaparral Theatre got used! Below are some videos from across the internet from this years Irish festival.

Swing into Spring!

A theme of this website recently has been Spring, and this new Spring festival. Well, the lid has been lifted and information has begun to flow from Disneyland Paris themselves. Rather than repeat news already posted on this website, I’ll just link you to my articles from this week:

Swing into Spring: More news and an official announcement

Spring: A Jolly Holiday awaits you! 

I asked for your reactions on Twitter with the promise of the best ones being included in this weeks news:


Big advances in La Place de Rémy

Wow! One minute scaffolding is coming down (not an exciting blog post!), the next MAJOR additions begin to be added to La Place de Rémy. The ‘weenie’ (the term introduced to Disneyland Paris fans on a recent Dedicated to DLP podcast) of the Gusteau’s sign has been added to La Place de Rémy as this image from Disneyland Berry shows: 

But that’s not all, the Chez Rémy sign has also appeared:

Huge leaps forward made on the signage front. It’s starting to finally feel ‘real’. Also added this week are more lampposts (notably above the FastPass ticket distribution area).

Keep up to date on the Ratatouille progress on the Ratatouille Tracker – and a new mini-site opening early April!

It’s a Small World turns 50!

Love it or hate it, I’m sure you all know that song by heart. Well, on April 10th the attraction celebrates its 50th Anniversary in a global celebration – and you can join in! Simply visit Disney’s dedicated website – and record yourself singing along, or create a doll – or even both! Every time you do it, Disney will donate $1 to UNICEF. Celebrate the attraction, and help a good cause. Please, go and do it now!

And Finally… from the community.

It’s been a little quiet recently. But here’s an excellent new article from Designing Disney to keep you happy. So much of what guests enjoy at Disney Parks is to do with the landscaping  – often unappreciated, Designing Disney goes and chats to Jeff Morosky to learn more.

Designing Disney: Landscape Architecture

Until next week – have a fantastic week!

Weekly Review: St. Davids, Flowers and Rats.

Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen

Frozen Float blurred

In some ways it’s actually been a rather busy week for Disneyland Paris, in other ways it has not. The upside is, the Spring Festival is out there as official, the scaffolding is beginning to come down revealing more of the stunning facades on the Ratatouille area; the downside is that these pieces of news were so significant that they have been given their own articles. Well, let’s hop into the news.

Hello Spring!

Mickey head in flower

Today might seem like the first day of spring at Disneyland Paris, but the flowers are only just starting to bloom. Coming in the next few weeks will be the Spring into Spring festival. A festival that promises to bring colour, flowers, music and scents to the park. The unconfirmed rumours are that we shall see yet another face of the Casey Jr. float with a new character train concept, a show in Central Plaza, various new meet and greets, a new music show and much more!

This week, however, DLRP Express revealed logos, and a press release for the new season: This comes with a note that it has still not come from Disneyland Paris themselves, but I’m confident this is the real deal.

Articles from the community:

DLRP Express: Disneyland Paris communique sur le festival du printemps.

DLP Town Square: Swing into Spring: It’s Official

DLRP Today: Disneyland Paris Spring Festival speculation blossoms with logos, official text. 

More from the Rat?

Ratatouille is slowly taking shape. This week, a major minor development took place; the scaffolding coming down on part of the facade. The reason I’ve classified this as major-minor is simple: It’s a minor step, but a major thing to discuss.

Rather than repeat news, why not check out the top links from across the Disneyland Paris community.

Articles from the Community:

DLRP Today: Ratatouille text hints at smells and senses of the ride. Plus a chase from Chef Skinner.

DLP Town Square: Ratatouille: More details begin to emerge. 

St. David’s Day at Disneyland Paris

In an as if it were planned moment, the weekly news can feature things that happened on a Saturday (due to the delay in posting). So, here are a collection of tweets from yesterday’s festivities.



Other Community Articles

Whilst not exactly fitting into one heading, these bits of content are certainly worth reading.

Dedicated to DLP: Podcast 33 – The great character debate

DLRP Today: Belgian sand sculpture festival returns to Disneyland Paris “Sand Magic” theme.

Disney at the OSCARS

Last Sunday, the OSCARS took place in Los Angeles. The Disney winners are:

Animated Feature Film: Frozen

Original Song: Let it Go


See you next week for even more news!

Weekly News: LEGO, Marvel and Spring?

Lego store blurred

It has been a week of surprises – what should have been a quiet week has been populated with a surprise piece of news and another unexpected piece.

Marvel in the Disney Parks

Here is the surprise of the week. DLRP Express reported that a Spider-Man meet an greet was coming to the Walt Disney Studios Park. The meet and greet will be located next to the Backlot Express Café in the Backlot area – a restaurant that is already partially Iron Man themed. – and bring some much-needed life to the area. This move only adds more fuel to the rumours of a possible upcoming Marvel land.

From the community:

DLP Town Square – Marvel in the Disney Parks: An awaited success or an unwanted party.

Dedicated to DLP – Rumour: Spider-Man meet and greet coming to Walt Disney Studios

DLRP Today: Spider-Man photo location rumoured for Backlot in Walt Disney Studios Park

The long-awaited LEGO Store finally opens in Disney Village

When this site was in its infancy (well, not actually launched yet), I wrote about the closure of Hollywood Pictures – believe it or not, that was eight months ago. Well, after eight months and a good number of delays (including the well documented roof collapse), the store finally opened at 9am this morning. What took months to construct has joined the Disneyland Paris family, and the resort is better for it; the LEGO brand in Disney Village will help break up the large chain of Disney stores, but also offer new lines for guests to enjoy. This morning, twitter was buzzing with photos of the new store, here are a selection of the best tweets (have a look at each account cited below to see even more from the new LEGO store!).





Make sure you go take a look, and follow those above for even more!

Read More: DLRP Today: Europe’s Largest LEGO Store opens its doors at Disney Village (in Pictures)

Pin Trading Day Announcement

Pascal Poullain on the Disneyland Paris Pin Trading facebook groups has revealed that this years Pin Trading Day will be on April 12th 2014. No news yet on why, or what will happen – but it’s certainly very interesting!

The Spring Festival

Don’t worry, you’ve not missed anything this week – it still hasn’t been announced. April is one month away, besides some leaked concepts there has been zero communication on this festival. Come on Disneyland Paris – wake up. We want to get excited. As I was saying to Dedicated to DLP earlier in the week, this festival could be deemed unsuccessful if they don’t advertise it soon – nobody will go, as nobody will know it’s happening. Whilst we all love surprises, turning up on an April a day and having someone yelling ‘SURPRISE!’ doesn’t quite cut it as an announcement.

So, announce it soon? Ok. Moving on…

That’s it for this week. Join us next week for more fun community news – and who knows, maybe even something about the Spring Festival.

The Disneyland Paris week that was #5

Disney Magic on Parade blurred.

Disney Magic on parade blurred

Its fair to say that it’s been a rather quiet week in regards to Disneyland Paris news. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to catch up on at the end of this week as the community has been working away to make some truly amazing content – enjoy!

Characters out of hotels and into the Parks

Last week brought the news that Disney characters would no longer be appearing in the Disneyland Paris hotels, this week brought the slightly better news that instead of being removed, they were just being moved! Disney Characters will now be in the parks during the Extra Magic Hours you get as a hotel guest and for some annual pass holders.  – So there you go. Not all bad news, actually rather good news. (Source: Disney Central Plaza in French)

Read more from the community:

DLRP Today: Plans to transfer Disney Hotel characters into Extra Magic Hours confirmed.

Dedicated to DLP: The characters from Disneyland Hotels now part of EMH in Disneyland Paris

Disneygraphy Magazine!

We all love glossy magazines and we all love the guys from Disneygraphy. Put the two together and you’ve got a recipe for success. The second edition of the Disneygraphy magazine is the biggest and best yet! Featuring articles on dragons, tributes to Town Square Photography and more. I just cannot recommend it to Disney (and specifically Disneyland Paris fans) enough!

Check it out now!

 Dedicated to DLP Podcast

Now a member of the American giant MicePod, the new episode of Dedicated to DLP is mostly about the recent Shareholders meeting and the upcoming 22nd anniversary. Laughs are guaranteed as usual in this hour and a half treat to the ears.

Download it now! 

Sponsorship Rewind

Ever wanted to know the history of Disneyland Paris sponsorship? Well, now you can! It’s all in our new article featuring videos of advertisements and stories of past and present. It’s a short article, so why not read it now? 

Disneyland Paris getting ready for a Jolly Holiday?

We all know that there is a rumoured Spring Festival coming to Disneyland Paris in about a month. But what will it include? This is yet unclear. However, this week @InsideDLParis photographed some beautiful spring style chalk paintings in Town Square – I think we can all agree the results look quite beautiful.

We’ve also learned that Stars’n’Cars will no longer feature the Monsters Inc and Snow White cars – These are hotly tipped to be part of the spring festival.


And that’s all folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the featured content this week, and we’ll be back here next Friday with hopefully more news. Have a good week!