Reviews of what has happened in Disneyland Paris over the course of a year.

The splashdown on the newly reopening Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris

2016: Project Sparkle and change

2016 was a year of immense change at Disneyland Paris. Indeed, Change is the world that will define 2016 for any Disneyland Paris fan. We saw the closure of Big Thunder Mountain in late 2015, the closure of Star Tours in March of this year. Who can forget the abrupt ending to the run of Animagique which was…

Mickey and Minnie head balloons with the Earful tower in the background

2013: A year of pure Disney magic.

It’s over, 2013 has left us and we are now in a brand new year. But wow, what a year it was. It was the year that Disneyland Paris told us that they were building a ride, they even named it. It was a year where exceptional events just happened, and as one event ended,…