Remembering the Main Street Residents

Two Main Street Residents in the Welcome to Spring show

When Swing into Spring debuted in 2014, nobody was too sure what it was to expect. Rumours were strife that the final go-ahead for the season was given just before Christmas in 2013 meaning that the resort had only four months to prepare for the ambitious new offering. The plans were huge, decorations lining the entirety of Main Street USA, this ultimately took a few years to really materialise – but 2014 was the year that Swing into Spring made its loud debut and since then it has grown from strength to strength.

Two Main Street Residents in the Welcome to Spring show

But one show has been left by the wayside, a show that was immensely popular but only had a one season outing. That show is called Welcome to Spring. But hold on, I know what you are thinking. Welcome to Spring is still very much alive, it occurs multiple times a day on the Royal Castle Stage. You would, of course, be correct. Although I am talking about a totally separate show, but I must say the Mary Poppins show is very good indeed. We cannot so much compare this show with the show I am about to discuss, so let us take them as separate shows that simply share the same name. However, for the rest of this article, when I use the show name Welcome to Spring, I refer to the 2014 iteration.

Dancers in the Welcome to Spring show

Welcome to Spring was a show that took, as its primary focus, the residents of Main Street USA. Why is this such an important thing to me? Put simply, they enhance the park. When we enter Disneyland Park, everything we see is supposed to be real. Therefore, the intention is to believe that Main Street USA is really a part of a mid-American town at the turn of the twentieth-century. A huge part of that would be the people. Therefore, having people dressed in the period clothing gave the entirety of Town Square a boost. But these character performers also acted as a meet and greet. Each of the characters had a slightly different persona and were entitled to do whatever they pleased. When a performer is essentially told that Town Square is your playground, that offers a lot of scope. I would quite often see these characters browsing the stores, or sitting on a bench and admiring the view of the castle. One of my particular favourite occasions was when I saw a couple of performers say goodbye to their friends and climb the stairs up to Main Street Station on the Disneyland Railroad. It made the area of the park a joyful place to visit. I must have spent a large portion of my 2014 Spring trip in Town Square admiring these characters.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

But then eventually, music would begin and a show would take place. The Welcome to Spring show was very short. With the guests walking around Main Street, a musical soundtrack would be timing their every moves, the residents knew exactly when they needed to be at the Gazebo in order to begin their musical spectacular. The dancing is both romantic and fit beautifully with the season of Spring. After a short while, the show moves from the Gazebo area of Town Square and onto Main Street USA as the residents walk right down the middle of Main Street USA. The show was full of glee and joy and this stemmed from the wonderful show choreography.

Dancers in the Welcome to Spring show

The music choice is, as usual, picked fantastically by Disneyland Paris. Both the songs themselves and the style in which they are sung fit the show, the season and the setting. The show opens with the beautiful song Spring, Spring, Spring by Bing Crosby before moving to The Fountain in the Park and closing with Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA and the Trolley Song. It was wonderful to hear Walking right down the middle of Main Street USA again in Disneyland Paris, it is one of those iconic Disney Parks songs. When I first viewed the show I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear when the music began to play. To me, this was Disneyland Paris at its best; that is not to say that I don’t enjoy the other shows in the park, this was something so different from anything else.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

This was more than a show, this was Main Street USA being allowed to blossom into a real life town. It was a show, a tableau of Main Street Life and a Character Meet and Greet all rolled into one. It ticked so many of the boxes of something needed to be included in a Disney Park. Recently, Disneyland Paris entertainment has been excellent, and this was another example of that. The highest compliment I can give it is that it felt right.

So my plea to Disneyland Paris is this. Please would you consider bringing back the Main Street USA residents and their show for the 25th anniversary? It is the little events like these that really bring a huge grin on to every guest in the park. Upon entering the park one is immediately transported even deeper into the story of Main Street USA. I would even advocate having a small happening in each area of the park much like this. It may only happen in my dream world, but it’s better than nothing.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to enjoy the show, here is my own YouTube recording of it. I will admit the recording is not perfect, but I hope it conveys how amazing the show was. And for those who have seen the show before, I hope it brings back fond memories.

Spring: The most hospitable welcome to Main Street USA

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo

For this second report on the Swing into Spring celebrations in Disneyland Paris, it’s time to take a look at the first small show which takes place in Town Square in Disneyland Park.

The sounds of Spring fill the air; the traditional main street music is playing, birds are singing along, you can make our a car horn. Main Street USA residents are wandering the street with baskets of flowers under their arms. This is how the scene is set for Welcome to Spring (Bienvenue à la belle saison). Perhaps the strangest thing about this short show is how unpronounced it is. Yes, it is listed in the programme and yes it does say where. But until about 3-4 minutes before the show it is unclear exactly where. The Gazebo area is roped off, and a small part of the street is left empty guarded only by a small mat on the floor with the words Swing into Spring on it. Cast Members politely remind guests who see this large open space as the perfect opportunity to escape the large crowds and get ahead up Main Street that there is actually a reason why it has been left clear. During my stay, guest flow cast members were eventually understanding how to stop this; but it is the nature of a show that doesn’t have a clear and pronounced stage.

My little grumbles aside, this show is perfect. I don’t like using that word often because not much is perfect. Perfect implies the impossibility of improvement. But in this sense, I was happy enough with the show to use the term. Why? When I think of Disney Parks I think of an entire package, far too often theme parks forget that entertainment can exist away from rides. Disney, to their credit, are always on top of this. The seasonal entertainment often means that I barely do any rides in a day; the problem occurs when there is not a ‘season’ being run. Walt Disney Studios Park passes with Animagique, Cinémagique and Moteurs, Action Stunt Show Spectacular. But I’ve often moaned that Disneyland Park has nothing. Enter Welcome to Spring and a piece of entertainment that is not a show for the sake of a show – it is themed. It adds to the theme of Main Street. In fact I’d love to see variations of this show across the 12 months of the year; and why not? It’s a short little show that is popular but also manages to incorporate a meet and greet opportunity – that people seemed to love! I commented at the time saying that each land should have something like this, and it should – it doesn’t have to be much: Main Street, this show (or a variation of), Frontierland could incorporate some country music to a hoe-down type vibe, Adventureland could add some traditional African dance to the Tam-Tams, Fantasyland is more difficult as it would have to involve characters and Discoveryland is perhaps the most difficult of them all.

So, let’s examine this show in detail.

The show begins with a variation of Bing Crosby’s Spring, Spring, Spring in which ‘Mother nature’s miracles’ are defined.

Opening of 'Welcome to Spring' at Disneyland Paris

The obvious reason is because of the season

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Spring, Spring, Spring

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

This section offers a happy beginning to the show before moving onto The Fountain in the park

I was strolling in the park one day, in the merry, merry month of may

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

A smile was all she gave to me.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

We were as happy as could be

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Hello everyone, join us in our celebration of Main Street USA. You know what’s coming next, a Disney Parks favourite begins much to the delight of Disney Parks music fans. Walkin’ Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA is a song that accurately describes the sentiments many Disney fans have of the street.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Moving seamlessly in the The Trolley Song mixed in with some inventive dance moves.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring


Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

The finale is a small mix of Walkin’ Down the Middle of Main Street USA and The Trolley Song giving a lively end to a happy show.

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Guests are invited quickly to fill in the space on Main Street and interact with the residents who are happy to pose for photos and have a chat about their day. But they won’t stay too long, you see they just love to sing about Spring!

Welcome to Spring at Disneyland Paris - Swing into Spring

Overall, this is a spectacular piece of themed entertainment, a piece of entertainment that a Disney Park merits and deserves. Just, let’s make this a regular thing; not just for Spring!


Spring: Disneyland Paris receives a Spring makeover

Mary Poppins Topiary

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo

Disneyland Paris launched their new Swing into Spring season on the 5th April to a high amount of praise. The season boasts new shows, decorations and meeting opportunities. I recently got the chance to visit Disneyland Paris and take in the season. In this first detailed report, I’ll examine the sights and sounds of Swing into Spring.

First of all, let’s say that I’m a huge fan of the season. I really do think Disneyland Paris have created something that, in future years, could really be quite special. The first sight of Swing into Spring occurs on Main Street Station and really is impossible to miss.

Swing into Spring logo Disneyland Paris

Admittedly, when I saw this as a photograph on Twitter; I was less than impressed. However, in real life this sign actually looks quite good. It sets the guest up for what they may expect from the season and provides a nice, meaningful introduction to the park. It is at night, however, that this sign really comes to life – quite honestly it looks spectacular. The changing of colours, which the sign does frequently, works very nicely.

Spring Main Street Station at night

Moving onto Main Street USA and one of the first things you’ll notice (as a Disneyland Paris fan) is that the Main Street loop is a little bit different during the daytime. I’m not talking about different pieces of music, I’m talking about birdsong. This is the smallest little touch, but adds something rather nice to the feeling of the street; it is done tastefully and effectively.

Town Square has had a good overhaul with daffodils occupying the grassy areas and a joyfully decorated Town Square gazebo featuring music notes, flowers and penguins from the film Mary Poppins which celebrates its 50th anniversary later this year.

Town Square decorated for Spring

Staying on Town Square for a moment, we also have a Mary and Bert topiary as well as a Jane and Michael topiary. These are very well done and provides a nice introduction to Main Street as well as a method of setting the scene for this Spring festival (which takes heavily from Mary Poppins). 

Mary Poppins Topiary on Town Square

The Boarding House has also received decorations for the Duffy meet and greet.

Boarding House in Town Square for Spring

So, Town Square is looking nice; it has been decorated, but at no point does it feel ‘over the top’. As we move on down Main Street USA there is very little to show for a spring festival except for a few nice looking flower baskets. This is a great shame, there was a real opportunity to really put some nice flowers on the Main Street buildings. It doesn’t take a lot, I don’t want Main Street looking cheap, but a few tulips here and there on a balcony would look realistic and would re-enforce the theme.

It is in Central Plaza where we see the majority of the Spring decorations with four good-sized topiaries. The first of which represents The Lion King with Simba and Nala prancing around. This one was perhaps my second favourite topiary. The playful leaping really seemed to encompass the Swing into Spring season at Disneyland Paris. Add to that the beautiful photos you could get of this one in front of the castle. – In fact, all these topiaries were well designed for castle photos.

The Lion King Topiary in Central Plaza

Moving around Central Plaza and we get to the Bambi topiary. This one worked well when concept art was leaked, and looked fine. But next to the Lion King and Aristocats, it just seemed to lack something. That’s not to say I don’t like it, I do. It just isn’t my favourite. The Spring link works well in this one with Thumper present.

Bambi Topiary in Central Plaza

Next up was my favourite of them all. The Aristocats topiary really had something special. The art work of the festival really was all designed around a musical theme (and something I hope develops in the future), and so this one just seemed to work well (add to that a rather impressive pin badge that was released of it too!).

Aristocats Topiary in Central Plaza

My least favourite topiary was the 101 Dalmatians one. And that was probably because I never did quite get the hang of getting a photo of it looking good – it was just too small! But again, works well with the season. It would be nice to see it made a tiny bit bigger.

101 Dalmatians Topiary in Central Plaza

Over near Casey’s Corner was the Rapunzel meet and greet which looked nice, her queue was way too long and so unfortunately I didn’t get around to meeting her.

Rapunzel's Spring Photolocation in Disneyland Paris

Finally for the Spring decorations, we should probably mention the Royal Castle Stage (which was finally used!). It was decorated in a way that was functional for the show and give a spring edge to it. I won’t talk too much about it as that’s to come in an entirely separate article.

Royal Castle Stage decorated for Spring

In conclusion, Disneyland Paris’ Swing into Spring decorations add a nice touch that guests seemed to really enjoy. They both added colour and focus to the park and fitted well to the festival. Now Disneyland Paris, for next year we want even more! And why not, it’s the perfect opportunity for the talented Disney gardeners to really show off what they can do!

Weekly News: Spring is here! Ratatouille makes progress

Queen of Hearts Castle.

News Review 6th April banner

What a week! Disneyland Paris have launched their newest season that brings the term ‘Flower Power’ to a whole new level as well as making huge visible advances on the Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalment toquée de Rémy. It would seem that the low season is finally over and we are in to this brand new year of excitement.

Swing into Spring opens at Disneyland Paris

We’ve been discussing the new Spring Festival since December – We’ve been excited at what was to come, frustrated at the lack of news and everything in between. But now, it’s here and it looks good. Last week we brought you images of the toparies that decorate Main Street USA – now the station has been decorated in this new image from @insideDLParis


It’s not just the Station that has changed for the season, characters have been dressed for the occasion, the parasols have made their return from winter hibernation and bird song have made their way into the Main Street loop. Most importantly however, shows have returned to Disneyland Paris – for a long time they were the feature that Disneyland Paris lacked but now they are back and they have fitted back where they belong. First, Welcome to Spring. This show takes place Saturday – Wednesday in Town Square. The show sees performers sing along and dance to various songs from the era in which Main Street is set. This show adds a lot of atmosphere and just works perfectly. See how the performers interact with guests in this video from DLP Welcome:

This is the type of show we should be seeing in Disneyland Paris every day no matter what season – it just helps set the scene somewhat. Moving on to the Spring Promenade taking place on Central Plaza and the Royal Castle Stage – this show is rather unique in the way that it takes place in two distinct places and yet manages to other two different experiences to the same show. Now, the music to this show was always on to something great when they borrowed from Mary Poppins and the Tokyo Disney Spring Fever carnival. But not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the show would be this good – yes it’s simple, but it’s brilliant in its simplicity. Again, check out these videos from DLP Welcome of the two experiences:

The real success story here is how joyful the show is mixed in with the music. That Let’s Go Fly a Kite section looks magnificent. The park’s programme has also got a Spring spruce up with all the new events naturally listed. Disneyland Paris Programme 5-11 April 2013: SpringI’m going to Disneyland Paris next weekend, so make sure you follow me on Twitter and check back here when I get back where I’ll break down piece by piece my thoughts on Swing into Spring.  

Ratatouille makes huge visual progress

It’s getting close now. A huge visual clue that La Place de Rémy is nearing completion appeared this week at Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy received a new sign. (Photo: Disney Central Plaza)

Ratatouille: L'Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy sign
Mouetto – Disney Central Plaza

I’m impressed by this sign. The lighting that is evident from this photo should allow for beautiful night shots of this area – now all we need is the Walt Disney Studios Park to be open at night! Today (Sunday 6th April), reliable news source @insideDLParis posted photos of this sign which has been completed with a ladle.

Finally, Disney’s Fastpass ticket distribution area has been created with a rather classy looking font.

This area is shaping  up to look fantastic – It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. – An opening date perhaps?

Disneygraphy Magazine!

Disneyland Paris fans were in for a treat this week as the guys from Disneygraphy released their new magazine. This time round explore Walt’s,  Sir. Mickeys Boutique and the creation of the Nautilus.

Read it now! 

That’s it for this week – I’m off to grab a drink and read the Disneygraphy Magazine. – There’s a few articles to come from me this week – Enjoy!


Spring: A jolly holiday awaits you!

A spring scene in Town Square

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo

Following on from my translated French press release a few days ago – there is now even more news to share! Pictures to be precise.

Disneyland Paris have revealed two new pieces of artwork based on the festival – one on their Facebook page and the other on twitter. The first depicts some familiar friends from 101 Dalmatians dancing around the spring air with music notes floating all around. – This looks to be heading towards Central Plaza in Disneyland Park.

Dalmatians jump around a spring gardenSource: Disneyland Paris twitter.

I’m extremely excited to see this come alive, the colours and the joy the image gives off allows us an insight into what this exciting season will offer. Spring is always a great time to visit Disneyland Paris – the colours of the flowers in bloom just add to the atmosphere – this year, however, will just be extra special.

A spring scene in Town Square

Source: Disneyland Paris Facebook

Upon entering the park, the mood will be immediately set as you walk into a scene right out of Mary Poppins (which seems only fitting in the film’s 50th Anniversary year). Guests will be plunged right into Mary’s jolly holiday with kite flying, penguin dancing, flowery fun.

Whilst it’s clear this festival won’t be ‘huge’ in its first year – I’m getting very excited to discover all these lovely scenes dotted around Disneyland Park. Spring is a beautiful time of year in the parks – I’m glad the powers that be have decided to make it even more beautiful. As the years go on, I think we can expect big things from Swing into Spring.


Swing into Spring: More news and an official announcement!

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo

News takes a while to arrive sometimes, we wait a long time for it and then it comes. A tad late, but it arrives and a thing becomes official. Well, it would seem that Swing into Spring is even more official than official as an extended press release is out on the French Disneyland Paris websites, alas the release does not have an official English translation – but DLP Town Square to the rescue as I have decided to translate all the details for you in a bid to, hopefully, clear things up for you who may be planning a trip. I should probably add that I’m only going to detail what was listed in today’s official release.

Disneyland Paris aux couleurs du Printemps
Du 5 avril au 22 juin 2014


Si Disneyland Paris était un jardin, ce serait le plus grand d’Europe avec 35 000 arbres, 450 000 arbustes et plus d’un million de fleurs plantées à l’année.  Mickey et ses amis ont décidé de mettre ce patrimoine en valeur grâce à un thème spécial de près de trois mois, aux couleurs du Printemps. Avec de nouveaux happenings, de nouveaux décors et l’occasion de rencontrer les personnages Disney dans de nouveaux costumes. Disneyland Paris se transforme en une «Balade Printanière».


Le nouveau happening quotidien « Promenade Printanière »* s’annonce comme l’évènement de la journée. Ce rendez-vous musical ultra-coloré, sera rythmé par plus d’une centaine d’artistes dont pas moins de 90 danseurs. Sans oublier les Personnages Disney dans de nouveaux costumes spécialement confectionnés. Mickey et Minnie, Alice et le Chapelier Fou, Woody et Jessie de Toy Story, Stitch, Pinocchio, Clarabelle et bien d’autres encore enchanteront le Parc accompagnés des musiciens du « Jolly Holiday Band » et du « Swing into Spring Orchestra ». La nouvelle génération sera également à l’honneur, avec  notamment Raiponce.


Côté décors, petits et grands rêveurs découvriront leurs héros Disney préférés dans des versions plus fleuries que jamais. Aux abords du Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant des topiaires à l’effigie des 101 Dalmatiens, de Simba et Nala (Le Roi Lion), des Aristochats ou encore de Bambi et ses amis Fleur et Panpan  ont poussé comme par magie. D’autres lieux emblématiques se transformeront en théâtres de fleurs.


« Bienvenue à la Belle Saison», à l’entrée du Parc Disneyland, plongera les visiteurs dans la magie du printemps grâce aux papillons, fleurs, topiaires et à la musique qui y trouveront place..  

 Enfin, les enfants pourront jouer aux explorateurs en herbe grâce à un dépliant ludique articulé autour du réveil de la nature, de l’écologie et de la diversité offerte par Disneyland Paris.


Disneyland Paris, un des plus grands jardins d’Europe

Il n’y a pas que les attractions et les spectacles de Disneyland Paris. Son architecture paysagère en fait une gigantesque scène de théâtre végétale étendue sur 2 230 hectares hectares. Elle compte plus de 35 000 arbres, 450 000 arbustes et plus de 1 million de fleurs plantées à l’année. Le tout est entretenu par les 130 jardiniers du spectacle qui assurent quotidiennement l’entretien de la végétation du site. Disneyland Paris, c’est aussi 9 métiers horticoles, des arboristes, un système d’irrigation de 6 000 km de tuyau unique en Europe, 1 500 000 m² de biodiversité, sans oublier les fameuses plantes d’intérieur qui accompagnent les visiteurs chaque jour dans les 7 hôtels à thème. Les équipes du département Nature et Environnement jouent donc un rôle capital dans la vie de Disneyland Paris, ayant pour mission d’aller toujours plus loin dans la créativité.


Un programme pour les nouveaux talents

Le Printemps sera la saison idéale pour participer au programme Disney Performing Arts. Il permet aux groupes amateurs de se produire dans l’univers professionnel de Disneyland Paris, en leur offrant l’unique expérience d’être un artiste “Disney” pour une journée. Quatre types de groupes peuvent se présenter : orchestre, chorale, groupe de danse et parade. Rendez-vous sur pour en savoir plus.


Disney Village aussi se met en mode Printemps

À la sortie des Parcs à Thèmes, la fête se poursuit à Disney Village, lieu de divertissement unique, qui offre aux visiteurs, de jour comme de nuit, l’occasion de découvrir des distractions musicales variées. D’accès gratuit, Disney Village permet de goûter librement à l’atmosphère d’une véritable ville américaine. Six temps forts vont rythmer la saison :

– Les 18 et 19 avril : 2e édition de Jazz en fête au Billy Bob’s

– Les 20 et 21 avril, grande chasse aux œufs pour les enfants

– Les 25 et 26 avril, Fête de la Country, au Billy Bob’s.

– Les 13 & 14 juin, Rythmes du Brésil, danses, musiques et animations flamboyantes

– Du 12 juin au 13 juillet : Coupe du monde 2014 live sur tous les écrans du Sports Bar, y compris l’écran géant extérieur

– Le 21 juin, Fêtons la Musique avec groupes et DJ’s pendant toute la soirée.

So, let’s summarise this (and await an English version). 

Swing into Spring will run from 5th April until the 22nd June 2014.

A new daily happening Promenade Printanière will be the event of the day. This ‘ultra-colourful’ musical event will be performed by over 100 artists with around 90 dancers. Of course the Disney characters will be involved too with characters in new special outfits including: Mickey, Minnie, Alice, Mad Hatter, Woody, Jessie, Stitch, Pinocchio, Clarabelle and more! The bands will be the ‘Jolly Holiday band’ and the ‘Swing into Spring’ orchestra. The new generation of characters will be represented with Rapunzel!

This promises to be a fantastic event! Live music, hundreds of dancers and a feast of characters! The band name of ‘Jolly Holiday Band’ gives an indication of what we may expect from the show in regards to theme. I personally cannot wait to see this! 

 Decorations will adorn the park at the entrance – Butterflies, flowers and toparies and of course, music will be perfectly matched to excite and entertain guests.

Whilst these decorations sound small, I imagine they will look fantastic and really bring some more colour into the park. It’s just impossible to find anything wrong with this announcement. With one exception: I worry about my hay fever!

The release then goes on to detail the vast biodiversity of the resort – which is something I’d love to write about sometime.

Of course, there will be performances from Disney’s Performing Arts programme. Make sure you check the Disneyland Paris website before you go to find out more!

In Disney Village the music theme continues throughout the spring.

  • 18-19 April: 2nd edition of the Jazz Festival in Billy Bob’s.
  • 20-21 April: Easter Egg Hunts.
  • 25-26 April: Country music festival at Billy Bob’s.
  • 13-14 June: Rhythms of Brazil – Dance, music and mini-shows.
  • 12 June – 13 July: World Cup 2014 at the Sports Bar.
  • 21 June: Music Festival (France wide celebration)

The music festival lineup seem’s strong especially the Country music festival and the Brazilian festival. Regrettably I don’t think I’ll be seeing any of these, they don’t seem to correspond with my visit dates. 

Overall, a good start for this new festival. I look forward to seeing it grow over the coming years!

Press Release Source: DLRP Express.

Swing into Spring: It’s Official!

Today, our friends over at DLRP Express revealed the logo for the upcoming Swing into Spring festival that begins next month – and with it the final confirmation that the event will actually be happening. The press release reads as follows:

Swing into a Disney Spring, blooming with magic at Disneyland® Paris. Color and music blossom throughout Disneyland® Park. And with the smell of flowers and fun in the air, it’s sure to be magnifiScent.

This confirms that flowers and music will be making up the big parts of this new festival – on top of that, new logos were revealed giving the fans their first glimpse of what kind of look and feel we can be expecting from the event. – Let’s remember that none of this, so far, comes from Disney directly.

Disneyland Paris logo with flowers and butterflies.

Disneyland Paris logo with butterflies

Green Disneyland Paris logo with butterfly. Spring 2014

Mickey head in flower

It’s only a start, but this bodes very well for the spring festival; these are beautiful visuals that should tie us over for a few days and give us promise for the future. It was just yesterday that people were doubting that this information would even come. But now we need more, what does this event consist of, what can we expect? But what a wonderful starting point, a new season full of promise. It can only get better from here. I, for one, cannot wait to see this season evolve; spring is a beautiful time of year – done right, this season could be one of the jewels in the Disneyland Paris crowns.

More as soon as we get it!

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo