Villages Nature Tour

The Aqualagon at Villages Nature Paris

Villages Nature Paris is an eco-tourism resort located about 8km from Disneyland Paris. Take a tour around this new environmentally friendly concept.

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Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch Tour

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch Reception - Disneyland Paris

Located 8km away from Disneyland Paris, the Davy Crockett Ranch is an on-site hotel like no other. Take a tour around the resort in this special report

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Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Tour

Sequoia Lodge at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Sequioa Lodge is a moderate resort hotel at Disneyland Paris focusing on the great American national parks. Take a unique tour through the resort.

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Yacht Club: Restaurant Review

The Yacht Club restaurant is a table service outlet in Disney’s Newport Bay Club. Serving a range of dishes, could this be the sleeper hit of the resort?

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Where the magic meets hotels – A tour of the Disneyland Hotel

Located in the heart of the magic, the 5 star Disneyland Hotel has long been the stuff of dreams for Disney fans across the world. Now, let’s take an exclusive look inside.

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Disney’s Hotel Santa Fé – A great budget stay in Disneyland Paris

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe rooms at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fé is a value resort located at Disneyland Paris. Newly refurbished with a cars theme, is it worth a stay? Find out in this review.

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Hotel New York – The Review!

Stepping into Disney’s Hotel New York is a strange experience, at those doors a strange time warp occurs and you found yourself being plunged directly into 1992. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, there’s a sort of charm about having the opening era of the resort preserved and in pristine condition. But there are also some negatives that come of this, modern life has changed dramatically since 1992 and the hotel has struggled to keep up.

Ahead of its Marvel refurbishment that begins in January 2019, let’s take a look at the hotel as it is right now.

The entrance to the bar at Disney's Hotel New York


The check-in procedure at Disney’s Hotel New York matches all the other Disney Hotels on property. The check-in desk is extremely easy to find (it is literally located right next door to the doors) and you will be greeted by friendly Cast Members. The service here does match the 4 keys that it has been granted; check-in is quick, courteous and your luggage (if left with the concierge) will be delivered directly to your room as and when it is ready.

The Rooms

Disney’s Hotel New York is big. Make no mistake about it, it is huge. Finding your room may take a moment, but luckily the signs are very clear and so whilst time consuming, it is no issue. Perhaps my favourite element of the hotel is the elevators, these ooze class and sophistication with jazz music filling the air. It is a pleasure to hop in these for a brief few moments. 

The rooms are large and very spacious, the majority of rooms are set out as two double beds with a small seating area to the side. Included are all the usual amenities for this level of resort: water glasses, tea and coffee facilities, a mini-bar and iron. The dedication to the New York theme throughout the rooms is rather wonderful stretching from apple motifs hidden throughout to the rather gorgeous Empire State Building lamp (that I really wish I could buy).

Empire State Building lamp at Disney's Hotel New York

The beds are rather comfortable, but they do not seem as soft as those in the Newport Bay Club. The issue I had was with the air conditioning, mine did not seem to want to turn out and then once I managed to get it on, I could not turn it off which negatively affected my sleep. I’m sure if I had made a quick call to the reception that help would have been provided quickly.

2 beds in the centre of the room at Disney's Hotel New York

Another negative was the plug socket situation, I could only find one socket in the room and this was located next to the bathroom. Understandably this can be explained by our different needs in 1992, newly refurbished hotels such as Hotel Cheyenne has plenty of plug sockets and so I am extremely confident that this will be fixed in the upcoming refurbishment.

Overall, the rooms in Hotel New York are comfortable and pleasant enough. If you are truly lucky you may get a park view room, and those are truly stunning. 


Disney’s Hotel New York has two restaurants (Parkside Diner and the Manhattan Restaurant), for breakfast both of these are in use. I took my breakfast in the Parkside diner. Once again, I was very impressed by the breakfast spread which included everything from baked beans to croissants and cured hams. All elements were nicely cooked or prepared and service was attentive with Cast Members at each moment making sure that I was happy with my breakfast.

Breakfast at Disney's Hotel New York (a selection from the hot food buffet)

Whilst I did not try it, a room service breakfast was also available. 


With all Disney stays, the check-out procedure was a dream, simply leave your room key in the box next to the hotel entrance and head to the parks to enjoy your final day. Nothing could be simpler. 

If you activated the MagicPass (with a charge Card), your purchases will automatically be debited from your bank card without you needing to do anything.

Hotel New York (outside) at Disneyland Paris

Final Thoughts

Disney’s Hotel New York is a fine hotel that merits its four key status. The New York theme is bold and strong throughout which is to the hotel’s credit. Whilst elements are time- warpish and outdated, these are minor concerns with a full refurbishment coming up.

I would strongly recommend a visit before the January 2019 closure date and experience a piece of Euro Disney history that we will shortly be losing. 

This Hotel stay was provided by Disneyland Paris for the InsidEARS Ready 2018 event. A review was neither requested or agreed with them and all opinions presented within the review are honest and fair. 

B&B Hotel: The ideal budget stay at Disneyland Paris

Hotel room at the Hotel B&B at Disneyland Paris

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Hotel Ibis Val d’Europe Review

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Disneyland Hotel: A night of magical luxury

Disneyland Hotel Room at Disneyland Paris

We all know of the Disneyland Hotel, the pink gateway to Disneyland Park and one of the symbols of Disneyland Park. It acts both as a welcoming beacon, the sign at which you know you’re home, and also as a berm that separates the real world to the space of enchantment that is Disneyland Park. It is true that it is not the cheapest hotel and that for many it is simply out of reach but it is a hotel that many Disneyland Paris fans strive towards, including myself. Did it live up to my hype? Yes, it was a stay that was pure magic.

The check-in process

In order to check-in, one must enter the enormous and spectacular lobby. The check-in desks are just set to the side and guests are greeted by extremely friendly cast members who guide guests through the check-in process which comprises of filling in the registration form (which is identical for all Disneyland Paris hotels). Guests can also take advantage of the new charge card which allows guests to replace the paper Disney Hotel Easy Pass (an identification document providing access to Extra Magic Time and to hotel facilities such as the pool and gym) and also allows guests to charge most purchases on property to your room meaning you simply pay the full balance of your stay as you check out.

I then left my luggage at the concierge who very kindly took it to my room whilst I enjoyed the parks. Everything was so easy, friendly and done with style as you would expect for a hotel such as this.

The hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is deceptively large, however it is also extremely easy to navigate. There are two wings (an east and west wing) and the west wing does have a side entrance meaning that you do not have to pass through the lobby and walk across the central section. It just means that you are saving yourself extra time in the morning when going to the park and in the evening when getting back to your room. This special entrance is activated by your room key and is open 24 hours a day. The corridors are painted in that pink colour that adorns the outside of the hotel and offer that feeling of enchantment.

Pirates of the Caribbean concept art in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland ParisEqually enjoyable is that there are several smaller lobbies around the hotel in the wings which offer a seating area – ideal if you are looking for a place to meet with friends staying in the hotel before heading to the parks. Every inch of the hotel oozes with class and style, exactly as one would expect from this particular hotel.

The room

Upon entering the room, it was clear that this was going to be a bit special. It always was a dream to stay here, and the dream was finally becoming reality. The rooms in the Disneyland Hotel are nice and spacious, offering plenty of room to walk around the beds and sit on the table and have a coffee without feeling cramped.My room had two double beds but other room layouts include a single double bed and some rooms also had a balcony. Each room has a slight magical touch with the view, my particular room looked out onto Fantasia Gardens and when the window was open I could hear the most delightful medley of Disney music – but when the window was closed, it was completely silent.

Disneyland Hotel room at Disneyland ParisThe room also contained a Nespresso machine and some coffee capsules which were complimentary and was a really nice touch as an effortless coffee was on hand for the morning as I woke up. It’s those little touches that really do make the Disney difference and are something to be celebrated.

Disney touches were on hand, but not in an obtrusive way, these Disney touches felt classy and will delight any Disney fan. As one walks through the Disneyland Hotel various pieces of concept art adorn the wall and the same is true for the room. Additionally the TV cabinet has an absolutely wonderful Peter Pan mural which was worth admiring itself but then you notice the wallpaper; at first glance it simply seems to be plain wallpaper, it is actually a wallpaper design with Disney characters hidden within it.

For me, a surprise feature was that the bathroom, whilst it being extremely large, had a speaker which pumped through the audio from the television which meant that it was possible to have a bath with the radio on. Again, a small feature but it really does make that difference. The bathroom was also filled with those small Disney touches including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs characters adoring the bathroom mirror and the tiling next to the bath and shower featured Hyacinth hippo murals. All these Disney touches, no matter how small, make a big difference to the stay.


Breakfast is situated in the rather fantastic Inventions restaurant. This buffet breakfast is once again filled with cast members ready to make that Disney difference and takes the form of an all-you-can-eat buffet; the food quality was high and was the perfect start to the day. It really is incredible how much a good breakfast can make to a park day and is something that I often underrate.


When the time, unfortunately, comes to check-out of the hotel and move onto the parks for the final day, a friendly cast member will once again take charge of your baggage (and this is much quicker and easier than using the park concierge). Check-Out and payment of the room balance (including the charge card) is extremely simple and, as always, done with a smile and you are left to have an enjoyable final day in the Disney parks.

Overall thoughts

Whilst there is no escaping that the Disneyland Hotel is in need of a refurbishment, it is still a cut above the rest in terms of service which completely blew me away. There are small improvements that do need to be made such as improved lighting in the room and more power sockets; however, for convenience and service nothing comes even close. The rooms were comfortable and breakfast was good; I’d have no problem in recomending the Disneyland Hotel to any guest.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: A warm Texan welcome

Of the two budget hotels at Disneyland Paris, the Hotel Cheyenne holds the most intrigue. The idea of staying within a western town is something that those fans of western films will have imagined in their heads and Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne does indeed look like something that has come straight out of a film, and is truly a delight to stay in. The new Texas rooms in the hotel even rival those refurbished rooms at Disney’s Newport Bay Club for theme and comfort.

A warm reception

Upon arriving at the Cheyenne, you are instantly struck by the large reception building which holds the reception, restaurant and bar, shop and the new Starbucks location. The reception process itself was quick, easy and friendly as Cast Members guide you through the paperwork and location of your room. Additionally, the new Disneyland Paris Magic Cards are in operation at the Cheyenne; this new card both acts as your room key and a way to pay within the shops and restaurants across Disneyland Paris (with the exception of those outlets in Disney Village that are operated by outside companies).

The Texas room at Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne

Pure Texan charm

The rooms themselves are stunning. Upon entering the room one is completely immersed in the western theme with many subtle (and some not so subtle) Toy Story finishings. The room itself has a certain warmth and feels instantly inviting. These new look rooms are now available in two configurations: a double bed or a double and sofa-bed and these are soft and comfortable to sleep on. The room also features an air conditioning unit and a large HD television featuring a range of European channels. All elements of the room have been thought out in order to better immerse guests inside of this western theme.

As usual in Disney hotels, a phone is provided so that guests can contact reception, as well as a safety deposit box. The bathroom within the rooms feature a bath, shower and a large sink area. The bathroom seems pretty normal for Disneyland Paris, but is still a nice upgrade on the majority of the off-site offerings. The ability to have a bath at the end of a busy park day is always a tempting prospect and a major plus.

Fantastic resort amenities

With the removal of the included breakfast from Disneyland Paris packages, new breakfast offerings have appeared in both the parks and the village. But in the Cheyenne, a Starbucks location has opened within the hotel offering barista-style coffee and breakfast options from the chain’s extensive range. Whilst not to everybody’s taste, the Starbucks location has been very well blended into the decor of the hotel and creates yet another way to get breakfast.

Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne - StarbucksThe Cheyenne features one of the cheaper bars on Disney property, but also rather nicely themed as a saloon-style bar and features prices that are very reasonable. The hotel restaurant is an all-you-can-eat-buffet offering a range of dishes and is suitable for all tastes.

Finally, the shop in the hotel is one of the larger hotel stores and sells the usual hotel lines of flagship merchandise and food and drink.

A budget hotel, but only in price

With the renovation of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, the hotel becomes just one more of the desirable properties on site. In the fight against on-site or off-site, the more Disney hotels at this level of comfort, theme and quality, the more guests will stay on site and will be recommended to do so by their fellow guests and fans. I can thoroughly recommend Hotel Cheyenne to all, it is possibly the best themed hotel on property and has the comfort to match.

Lamp at Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne

Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Beautiful seaside charm

I was converted to off-site hotels many many years ago. My last stay in a Disney hotel was in 1999, and whilst I had looked for an opportunity for that to change for many years, I simply couldn’t justify the cost. Having said that, the plan was always to try it again in 2016 at Halloween. Being invited to the Mickey and the Magician press event meant I got to try a Disney hotel before I even had anticipated, and that hotel was the Newport Bay Club. A hotel whose refurbishment I had keenly followed and thought looked absolutely beautiful. I was filled with glee at the prospect at having a night stay in there. But did it match my expectations? In short, yes and then some.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Disneyland Paris

The check-in process

I must preface this and state that the check-in process may well be slightly different for press events than for ordinary stays. I made my way directly to the Compass Club desk and gave my name. It was checked off and my luggage was placed with the baggage boys and on the way to my room. The exceptionally friendly Cast Member (whose name I have forgotten, but she was brilliant!) guided me through the procedure, I filled in a tiny form and was shown how to use the Easy Pass system. I won’t discuss Easy Pass and if it works or not as I didn’t use it other than to claim my breakfast the following morning. I was given my keycard and that was that. All done.  A painless, and actually rather enjoyable experience. I was very eager to see my room.

The Hotel 

The Newport Bay Club is a big hotel. And even by calling it big, somehow I am understating it. The scale of it is seriously impressive. I got lost finding my room, but luckily a Cast Member is always on hand to help show you the way. The exterior of the hotel is a New England port themed hotel. Its warm yellow glow is inviting, but inside this changes to a beautiful aqua-marine blue. Beautiful is the right word, having been in the hotel both before and after its refurbishment, the place feels so much more inviting now. The corridors are of a nautical theme but have a very warm carpet. It is a hotel with a very classy feel but feels distinctly Disney. Just from walking through, you understand that this hotel is not ‘just a bed’ as I have always claimed a hotel to be.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Corridor at Disneyland Paris


The Room

I’ve never been overly bothered by hotel rooms when I visit Disneyland Paris. The hotel is a means to an end; I must sleep at the end of the day and then I will wake up and return to the park. That ended as soon as I opened the door to my room. I was blown away. The room was very large and spacious and featured a double bed as well as a single. My luggage was securely placed in a luggage rack within the bathroom area.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Room Disneyland Paris

The Disney Difference was evident everywhere. This hotel was way more than a simple bed. The nautical theme that was evident in the hallway is continued into the room. The carpet is an anchor rope with hidden Mickeys formed within it. The room is decorated as if to be a cabin, with Disney characters peering through port holes.

Disney's Newport Bay Club room Disneyland Paris

The bed itself is ridiculously comfortable. I struggle to sleep in a new bed – and that includes hotel beds – but here I simply drifted off without fuss. There are Mickey silhouettes on the bed mast, and the bedding kit itself is beautifully nautical themed.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Bathroom Disneyland Paris

The bathroom was lovely. Spacious, and fully stocked with washing soaps and powders. I used the bath on the morning of my departure and it was warm and ran very well. The washing kit provided is ample for a couple, although a family should probably consider requesting another bottle of shampoo and shower gel.

Another thing to note, some rooms have a balcony attached to them. I was fortunate enough to have been given one of these. The room outside to stand out was plenty and the views over Lake Disney towards Disney Village was exceptional. Imagine my glee when I discovered that I could see the Castle from the balcony!

Disney's Newport Bay Club Balcony Disneyland Paris



The breakfast at the Newport Bay Club takes place in two rooms. The Yacht Club or Cape Cod. I took mine in the Yacht Club but I imagine the two are identical. The all-you-can-eat style breakfast buffet was a delight. I took great amount of pleasure in being able to have a hot breakfast featuring sausage, egg and bacon. There was a huge amount of choice including cereals, yoghurts, fruit and pastries. There were also a selection of teas as well as the usual Disneyland Paris coffee.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Breakfast Disneyland Paris

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my Disneyland Paris breakfast, and wish to extent my thanks to all the Cast Members that work breakfast for being a delight at such an early hour!


The check-out procedure was, as was everything else in this hotel, extremely simple. I walked down to the lobby with my case. Visited the desk, handed in my key card and that was that. I then went to the left luggage room (outside the front entrance of the hotel) to deposit my bag ready for the bus to the airport a little later on in the day. A process that could not be simpler.

Overall Thoughts

The Newport Bay Club is an outstanding hotel, everything is extremely close to each other and has real touches of Disney magic. The Cast Members in the hotel have made everything exceptionally easy. The hotel has gained a star, and boy does it show. Before this stay, it was hard to see myself ever staying in a Disney hotel again; it is now difficult to envisage me staying anywhere else.

Disney's Newport Bay Club Bed Disneyland Paris