Disney’s Halloween Party 2019: The best yet

Every year the Disneyland Paris Halloween Party is one of the most anticipated events; in 2019 two Halloween parties have been offered for those who can’t necessarily make the 31st October. This innovation allows more of us to experience one of the best events of the year, it’s something that is certainly to be encouraged as Disneyland Paris expands its hard ticket slate. 

But how does the party compare to previous years? 

Disney Villains Parade

The highlight of the night is always this very special Villains parade; it manages to straddle the creepy and fun divide almost perfectly whilst offering toe tappingly catchy music, it provides energy to the night that is the perfect send off. 

All the floats are familiar to guests, from Mickey’s Illusion Manor to Maleficent breathing fire down Main Street, nothing here is out of the ordinary – except the characters featured are mostly the Disney Villains. New this year was the inclusion of Oogie Boogie making both his Disneyland Paris and meet and greet debut. 

The additional dancers and costumes are the perfect side of creepy and fit into the neon theme that the Disney Halloween Party 2019 was going for. 

Captain Jack’s Scary Island

Also returning for 2019 is the Scare Zone on Adventure Isle. Whilst this has been toned down this year (no more chainsaws or severed heads!) it remains a creepy experience as the caves of the Isle are filled with smoke and the crew of the Flying Dutchman roaming the caves. Whilst they don’t jump out and scare, they will walk past you in a creepy fashion. 

The highlight of the scare island was the projections onto Skull Rock. These were really simple but provided such an incredible atmosphere to this part of the park making it one of the highlights of the night overall. 

Fiesta de la terra de los muertos

Over by Cowboy Cookout, a special Latin dance party with Goofy was taking place. The area and music, inspired by the Día de los Muertos, worked really well with good music selections and fantastic dancers.

However, this part of the review would be not complete without a special compliment for Goofy. Goofy was not so much taking photos with guests (although he would pose) but more an integral part of the dance party taking guests aside for a special dance in an atmosphere that become more like a dance off than a party. Just one of those unique and special moments that can only happen at a party such as this. 

Captain Hook’s Pirate Academy 

After it’s success at various Halloween parties and this year’s Pirates and Princesses Annual Pass party, the Pirate Academy is back – minor change, Minnie has set sail for new adventures and we are not trying to join Captain Hook’s crew. This change works overly well as it was never really clear why we were joining Minnie’s team (despite her amazing outfits!). 

This show is full of the best energy in any show I’ve ever seen in any Disney Park. It takes guests on the ultimate dance journey as they learn how to become a pirate. It’s really hard to put into words just how much fun this show is, each time you leave with the biggest grin on your face and I’ll even admit to leaving one show and rejoining straight away the queue to watch again. 

I’d very happily take this in the park every single day of the year, I’d spend all my days watching it! 

Mike Williams DJ

For those who love dancing the night away to big name DJs, the Disneyland Paris Halloween parties also have you covered – on the Saturday 26th October party it was DJ Mike Williams, and on the 31st October it is the turn of Offenbach. 

These parties are not the most Disney of experiences, but in Discoveryland it works extremely well and the music is usually very good and is full of interactive experiences with dancers, bubbles and a wonderful light spectacular. This was the perfect way to close out the night. 

Party Exclusive Snacks 

Exclusive to the Halloween Parties 2019 are two chocolate cake snacks, one shaped to Tower of Terror and the other to Phantom Manor. These are priced at €4.99. 

Taking one bite into this “cake” and the disappointment begins, the cake is nowhere to be seen and I’m eating solid chocolate. The problem here is that Disneyland Paris chocolate is generally speaking awful and I wanted cake. So I kept going and the cake existed, about 3/4 of the way down, but was small, thin, dry and almost stale tasting. What a let down! 

Still, it looked pretty I guess? 10/10 for looks, 1/10 for taste. 


Anybody who has read a review here before knows that I love the atmosphere of the hard tickets, indeed the 100 character AP night fell so flat because it missed any sort of atmosphere. But this Halloween night hit it off perfect, from brilliant music choices, to great guest costumes, this night had it all. 

Special mention here has to go to the wonderful castle projections which carried through the neon theme and looked fantastic. Each of the main Disney Villains were included throughout the night and it actually did look like the castle had been covered with neon lights. Fantastic work! 

The best yet?

The Disneyland Paris Halloween party 2019 is not just one one of the best Halloween parties we’ve ever seen at Disneyland Paris, it is one of the best hard tickets we’ve seen full stop. Everything seemed to just work perfectly, from meet and greets to organisation. I came away grinning, wanting to go to the second party and really motivated to come back to another hard ticket event soon. 

This party showed the absolute best of Disneyland Paris, I hope it sets the standard for future nights. 

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Disneyland Paris Halloween 2017 review!

The talk prior to Halloween 2017 was that the reduced offering would render Halloween a small nothing festival. Gone were the Main Street USA decorations and the Castle Stage show, instead we would see the 25th anniversary take priority. But what became of the Halloween season in 2017? In short, it is a fantastic celebration that has undergone radical transformation – and for the better!

A Dià de los Meurtos theme

It becomes immediately obvious that this yer Halloween at Disneyland Paris is a dià de los meurtos spectacular. The Mexican theme has very much been adopted across the land with fantastic skeletons wearing traditional Mexican dress; lamps and banners have been erected across the land that truly bring out the fiesta. This is, of course, topped up with a new area loop that both feels like a festival but also has the heart of this Mexican version of Halloween.

Halloween skeletons in Frontierland at Disneyland ParisWhat’s more, it simply makes sense. Frontierland at Disneyland Paris has always had a Mexican theme about it with the Fuente del Oro restaurant and the Pueblo trading post shop, this blending just feels so right and Disneyland Paris really have captured a unique look on Halloween that cannot be seen in any other Disney park and it is sublime.

Goofy’s Skeletoon Party

The star attraction of Halloween 2017 is Goofy’s Skeletoon Party which is one of those unique shows that works beautifully in its surroundings. Effectively this party is a very short moving parade through the central street of Frontierland. The best thing is that it is short enough to never create too much of a bottleneck in Frontierland but fun enough to bring a feel good atmosphere in the land. The song is beautifully catchy and brings grins to the faces of all who watch on.

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland Paris

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland ParisThe concept is extremely simple, skeletons, dragons, Goofy, Panchito and Jose, scarecrows and a wonderfully decorated car. They file by in a joyful and energetic dance that you can simply see the performers love the parade. My initial reaction was that this is better than Mickey’s Halloween Celebration and I do stick by that; for me, the dià de los meurtos and fiesta theme is something so unusual and unique that it deserves to be developed and Frontierland can take it’s rightful place as the home of Halloween.

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang

The infamous Tricycle gang. This looks and sounds strange, and it is. But it is strange in the best possible way. I loved the Tricycle gang. The music hits Main Street USA and it is a party. One of the most infectious songs in the history of Disneyland Paris begins playing and suddenly all conceptions of what the Tricycle gang was evaporates and joy takes over. The parade itself is high-energy and simple. The characters come by in their Halloween outfits followed by some Disney Villains.

Donald as Maleficent at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang

Captain Hook at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle GangWhilst there is not much to this show, but it is a really enjoyable few minutes with an infectious rhythm and does deserve to get a new run next year with that wonderful music.

Mickey Mouse at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang


Of course a big highlight for many at these seasonal celebrations are character meet and greets. The real highlight are Mickey and Minnie in their new Mexican-inspired outfits. These outfits look fantastic and clearly many guests agree with queues stretching to about 1h30 on the opening day – and they are worth it. They look spectacular and again immerse guests into the Dià de los Meurtos theme of 2017.

Mickey and Minnie in their Mexican Outfits at Disneyland ParisTo replace the castle show, the Disney villains have been moved to their own meet and greets which is much better than the show at the castle stage and scrum in previous years. Now you are fully guaranteed to see the characters you want to see and won’t have to fight for it which should make everybody happy.

A wonderful Disneyland Paris Halloween

This new vision of Halloween was a sheer delight to experience, the new theme in Frontierland is clearly here to stay as significant effort has been placed in producing it and what a wonderful feeling that is. We finally have that unique Halloween that we’ve been so yearning for and long may it last. Let’s hope that this Mexican theme continues to grow in conjunction with the traditional Halloween celebrations, if it does then Halloween will be spectacular.

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Halloween 2017 at Disneyland Paris: A trick or a treat?

As Autumn approaches and the last few radiant warmths of summer glimmer, the Disneyland Paris announcement machine begins to kick into action and the end of year festivities begin to take precedence. The last few months of any Disney Park year are jam-packed with a flurry of activity and special activities. Halloween and Christmas will soon be upon us and the 2017 offerings have been announced by Disneyland Paris.  The primary question on most fans lips was: how would the 25th anniversary festivities affect the seasonal celebrations? Let’s take a look at Halloween 2017 at Disneyland Paris.

Two new Halloween shows for 2017

The highlight is that Disneyland Paris will be introducing two new shows Goofy’s Skeletoon Party and Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang will be taking place in Frontierland and Main Street USA respectively. These shows seem focused around new concepts that will allow the 25th anniversary festivities to remain on the castle stage for the duration of October. Goofy’s Skeletoon Party will also see rare characters Panchito and José from The Three Caballeros make a welcome return to the park.

A halloween pumpkin man in Frontierland at Disneyland ParisMickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang seems to be a new concept that, on paper, sounds very odd and rather out of keeping with the season – however, with the quality of recent Disneyland Paris entertainment, I have no doubt that this show will be exceptionally well executed and will be a valuable addition of our Halloween season. The details on the two shows have been kept vague and so suspense will ramp up in the lead-up to the new season.

But what about the 25th anniversary?

All indications are that this continues pretty much as normal throughout the season of Halloween. The Halloween offering has been adapted in a way that will not impact the anniversary festivities either in a positive or negative way. The two are to be regarded as separate entities and never shall they meet. Is this a wise idea?

Halloween decorations on Main Street USA at Disneyland ParisIn short, no. Whilst the 25th anniversary festivities are important and for this one year should take priority, there is room to merge the two and create a Halloween with a special 25th flare. Small additions here and there to the schedule, minor modifications to decorations and shows. A range of Halloween merchandise with the rather beautiful 25 insignia included on it. This solution of the two being incompatible with each other is confusing.

Smaller in scale, but still exciting

Whilst Halloween is going to be slightly smaller in scale this year, the inclusion of the 25th suite of entertainment means that there will be a lot to do within the resort during this season. Additionally, the Halloween celebrations do not sound bad; while, yes, the the fan favourite cavalcade is taking a break, it is being replaced with new offerings. Who is to say that these new offerings do not find themselves being enjoyable and that fans begin demanding for their inclusion in the future?

Disneyland Paris celebrates Halloween from October 1st until November 5th 2017. 

It’s so fine in the fall – A look at the 2014 Disneyland Paris Halloween

Halloween Report Icon

With the promise of the most Maleficent Halloween ever, I headed down to Disneyland Paris this weekend to take a look at all that is new in this, the spookiest of seasons. It is reasonably safe to say that over the course of the last three years, Disneyland Paris have massively upped their game when it comes to the Autumnal season after having adopted a ‘Back-to-Basics’ approach in 2011. A tasteful Harvest feel was adopted over the previous reliance on the Pumpkin Men. The 2014 Halloween is quite simply the best yet, I’ve tried to break down my thoughts into categories. So, just what is this year’s version of Halloween really like?


The first thing you see, as with every season at Disneyland Paris these days, is a large banner placed onto Main Street Station. What is striking, for a Disneyland Paris fan perspective, is that this banner is held by train conductor ghosts. This is a theme that runs throughout Main Street USA, and a theme that is pulled off rather well. The ‘Ghosts of Former Residents of Main Street USA’ are placed in a logical fashion above their respective stores. For example, a chef can be seen above Walt’s, a mechanic above Main Street Motors and baseball players above Casey’s Corner. One could question that in an area of the park as immersive as Main Street USA, is further immersion necessary? The answer, in the case, is certainly yes. I had a lot of fun spending some time looking at each ghost and pumpkin. Each lampshade has been given a green or orange tint with some even sporting witches hats.

Walt's at Halloween Disneyland Paris

The star of the show though is Town Square. The band stand area looks particularly resplendent with the ghost band as well as beautiful autumnal flower chains and Disney themed lanterns hanging off of them. I’d go as far as to say that I would buy a lantern if they decided to sell me one! The Main Street loop has some minor additions too – noises coming from the ghosts and occasional cackle from the witches.

Halloween Town Square Disneyland Paris

Frontierland has also had a Halloween make-over. Here is feels a joyous mix between ‘spooky’ and Harvest with a slight edge going to Harvest. The bright orange and yellow flowers create a real Autumnal atmosphere (despite the temperature being in the high 20s!). Thunder Mesa looks fantastic with the flowered bunting and pumpkin men fitting with the story of the area.

Halloween Frontierland Disneyland Paris

Whilst minimal, Adventureland also joins in on the action. The Coiffre du Capitaine store at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean has a pirate themed pumpkin exit which looks really fantastic. During my trip this was constantly being crowded around and used as a photo opportunity.

Halloween Adventureland Disneyland Paris

The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade

This, for me, was the big negative of the season. Let’s begin with a comical moment: As the announcer announces that the parade is beginning, he pronounces Maleficent as Mal-Efficient in English. This caused me to have a good chuckle; which was good, as what happened next confused and baffled me. It was fantastic to see the Dreams of Power float back in Disneyland Paris. It’s a powerful float that strikes the eye and puts a shiver down your spine.

Halloween Villains Promenade Disneyland Paris

It arrives on Central Plaza after having started in Fantasyland. Maleficent does a spiel about how the villains have taken over Halloween and the castle. The villains emerge from the castle. Take a walk around Central Plaza (at quite a high speed!) and walk off back into Fantasyland. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes and really left me thinking ‘What was the point?’. Characters don’t interact beyond saying Hello or giving a wave. Life could be given to this idea quite easily after having witnessed what Disneyland Paris did with the Spring Promenade. In this sense, even donning the same name as the Spring Promenade is a deception, let’s call it ‘Villains Speedwalk’ from now on. The concept is good, but really needs re-working next year.

Halloween Villains Promenade Doctor Facilier Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

This is the star of the show. Quite simply, it is faultless. This year, the cavalcade begins with the singing of Shine on Harvest Moon; this is a rather slow song but suits the harvest season. If I had to criticise it, I’d say that when compared to the area loop and Vive la Vie, it doesn’t seem to fit. However, it is a fantastic song and has a deserved place in Disneyland Paris. I’d like to return to Vive la Vie now. Last year I wrote about Halloween from my home, I didn’t actually visit; I did, however, fall in love with the theme to this cavalcade: Vive la Vie. So to hear it, in Disneyland Paris, I was rather delighted. The song is that brilliant mix of country and high-tempo pop with some brilliant lyrics, working brilliantly with the floats and choreography.

Halloween Mickey's Halloween Celebration Cavalcade Disneyland Paris

The floats and costumes ooze Harvest class whilst having that ever so subtle impression of Halloween such as a pumpkin, or a witch outfit. The theme really is a festive fantasy and everything that happens through the parade assists the effect. The dancing feels natural and ‘harvest-y’ (A word I just made up, but when you see the parade in person, you realise that it just fits). The floats are wonderfully decorated, the way dancers are incorporated into the float design is incredible. I strongly believe that these are some of the best designed floats in Disneyland Paris at the moment – perhaps ever. The crowd was engaged and dancing which is some feat. This parade could really do with perhaps two new floats adding next year. Three still seems too short, but this parade has huge potential and I’m glad it has been given its chance to flourish.

Halloween Mickey's Halloween Celebration Cavalcade Disneyland Paris

Maleficent’s Court

There are two parts to this new feature in Disneyland Paris. The decorations and the Meet and Greet. Starting with the decorations: The Sword in the Stone behind Sleeping Beauty Castle is gone. In its place Maleficent has left a souvenir for the castle occupants. A huge bramble bush in the shape of a dragon. The bush itself is not particularly tall, but it is piercing.

Halloween Maleficent's Court Disneyland Paris

When you are in the area, you are drawn to it, you want to study it, photograph it and admire it. I probably spent about half an hour just looking at it. It really is something quite wonderful. It takes on a whole new dimension at night-time. The brambles are illuminated in green and purple and the castle takes on an evil purple glow. It’s really something to behold and admire. It is like nothing that I have seen before. Huge kudos to Disneyland Paris for this.

Halloween Maleficent's Court at night Disneyland Paris

The Meet-and-Greet is a different story. It all begins with Maleficent appearing amidst fog, again detailing how the villains have taken over the castle. Then she summons more smoke and vanishes! A fantastic effect. The meet itself has a good number of characters, but it is the free-for-all scrum we have seen in the past at Disneyland Paris. Which is a shame, but the space is so limited that it really is impossible to see them organise this any other way.

Halloween Maleficent's Court Disneyland Paris


I don’t have much to say here as I didn’t spend much time at the meets. They were all themed very well, especially Jack and Sally’s Cemetery in its wonderful new location. They all had well managed queues and you got a little bag of sweets at the end. Sweet!

Halloween Costume Corner Disneyland Paris

General Thoughts and verdict

Halloween at Disneyland Paris is greatly improved this year. But it still has a way to go. Unlike Christmas where, from the moment one enters the park, we are surrounded by the sights and sounds of Christmas. Halloween feels very one-dimensional. It’s a visual experience but that is it. Once the meets and parades are done though, that really is it. Halloween effectively is over for the day. Now this is not particularly good, I’ve always seen Halloween as a ‘dark’ holiday – Disney should really do something with the dark and make it ‘spooky’. That being said, the entertainment is top-notch. You couldn’t really go too wrong by visiting Disneyland Paris this Halloween. As for me, you’ll be seeing me at Disney’s Enchanted Christmas.

Disneyland Paris announces a villainous Halloween

Meleficent standing in front of Sleeping Beauty castle for Halloween 2014

Halloween, since 1997, is one of Disneyland Paris’ staple seasons. So much so, that some guests often plan their years around a visit at this special time of year. Recent years has seen the massive expansion and successful re-imagining of the season, but somethings always remain the same. The Villains are back and this time Maleficent is taking over Sleeping Beauty castle – this makes perfect sense in two ways; the first of which being that Sleeping Beauty castle deserves some treatment by Maleficent during Halloween, after all the evil villain does play a large role in the classic Disney film; the second being that the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Maleficent is due at the end of October, this is a small bit of synergy from Disney.Meleficent standing in front of Sleeping Beauty castle for Halloween 2014

The first new addition detailed is The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade:

NEW: The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade

With Maleficent in the leading position, the Disney Villains will be the unmissable stars of Disney’s Halloween Festival.

The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade

Every day, the Disney Villains will be happy to have their photos taken with guests to immortalize this fearsomely funny occasion forevermore.

Together with Maleficent, the Disney Villains will parade around Central Plaza to welcome guests. 

This is possibly the most exciting new feature of the 2014 celebration, especially if the Spring Promenade is anything to go by. We’re promised that this promenade will also provide for a photo opportunity. I’m thinking that this could be a hybrid between the celebration train and the aforementioned Spring Promenade. A few minutes of a show, some dancing to Disney Halloween Classics, then a photo session for 15-20 minutes before dancing away. This could be repeated several times a day. Timings have not been confirmed, but I’d be surprised if this was not the case.

NEW: Maleficent’s Court

In the Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard, Maleficent and her accomplices will create an unmissable spectacle, which will be the place to be seen!

Maleficent’s Court

This year, Maleficent will cast a spell on the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Park and will invite some of the Disney Villains to join her in the Castle Courtyard.

Maleficent, surrounded by her friends, the Disney Villains, will take over the place — it has now been invaded by imposing brambles, which guests will be able to pose in front of, next to the Disney Villains.

That is how huge brambles mysteriously appear in the Castle Courtyard. Shaped like the famous horns of Maleficent herself, these brambles form the outline of an imposing dragon.

As night falls, the bramble will take on a more disquieting look, immersing guests in a universe of bright, unsettling colours. 

Another new and exciting feature of the 2014 celebrations. We have always been used to the villains courtyard in Fantasyland during Halloween, this has been the place to meet all your favourite Disney villains, this year it looks as if more will be done than ever. The iconic bramble bushes from the films will be placed around the Castle courtyard providing a villainous backdrop to all your Disney Villain photos. If done well, this will certainly look fantastic and could add an eery atmosphere to this part of the park. I’d be very impressed if smoke came out of the brambles – I’m getting the chills even imagining that.

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

To celebrate Halloween and to provide guests with a unique party, Mickey and friends will offer guests a cavalcade specially dedicated to the Harvest festival, and have naturally been inspired by the autumn and Harvest theme.

Several times a day, Mickey and friends will parade in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and along Main Street, U.S.A., surrounded by dancers wearing autumn colours.

This year, the lovely Daisy will open the cavalcade. The Three Little Pigs and Horace will join Mickey’s Halloween Celebration on their brand new float “Raise the Rafters!”.  Surrounded by owls, black cats, spiders and bats, the Three Little Pigs, Horace and Clarabelle will dance to country music in front of their farm. A tree and an enchanted mushroom will come to life as if by magic.

As for the Disney Characters, they will be showing off their most stunning seasonal costumes. Donald will explore the wonders of autumn in a world made of straw and pumpkins, together with his inseparable nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Meanwhile, Uncle Scrooge will bring up the rear, determined to keep determined to keep careful watch over a strange pumpkin that appears to be worth its weight in gold…

Mickey and Minnie pay homage to the Harvest season from their huge horn of plenty, filled with autumn leaves, fruits and pumpkins. Behind them, Chip and Dale, accompanied by the charming Clarice, have taken advantage of the Harvest to steal and hoard as many hazelnuts as they can lay their hands on! 

The hugely successful cavalcade returns! Last year Disneyland Paris launched a Halloween harvest festival themed cavalcade which was a real success. The floats looked great, the music was catchy. Much like the Christmas Cavalcade which launched in 2012, we were certain that Mickey’s Halloween Celebration would be extended year or year. This has proven to be the case – not only that, but a slight re-organisation of what we already had has taken place. A new float, named Raise the Rafters will be added featuring The Three Little Pigs, Horace and Clarabelle. Clarabelle made her Disneyland Paris debut last year at the opening of the Halloween festival and has been used in celebrations ever since. Such is the popularity of these rare characters that an entire float has been dedicated to them. It’s great to see these classic characters returning to Disneyland Paris. As Clarabelle is moving to her float, a new opening character has been named: Daisy.

Chef ghost outside Market House Deli

Ghosts invade Disneyland Park

They thought they could keep a low profile throughout Halloween month, but guests will only be able to unmask them and immortalise them in a photo!

The ghosts of the former residents of Main Street, U.S.A. will use Halloween as the perfect opportunity to make their grand appearance. Delighted to be able to make an appearance during Disney’s Halloween Festival, they will take over Main Street, U.S.A., trying to blend into the scenery. The Park’s apprentice ghost hunters will be invited to unmask them, armed with their cameras.

The Main Street decorations sound to be returning – which can only be a good thing as they have been a real success in recent years. The ‘dead’ citizens of Main Street USA will come out and bring life to the street for the month. Spotting all the Ghosts on Main Street USA becomes almost like a game, and one that everybody enjoys!

Character Meets returning are: Minnie’s Halloween Costume Corner, Goofy Bonbons and Jack & Sally’s Cemetery. Don’t forget to say ‘Trick or Treat’ when you meet your favourite Disney characters – you never know what might happen! All these meets are fantastic and ever popular and so it’s great to see them return year on year.

Disney’s Halloween Festival also includes the famous Halloween Soirée on the 31st October 2014 between 20:30 and 01:00. Disney promise a “hellish” atmosphere with our favourite Disney characters coming out to play. The grand finale to the evening will be Disney Dreams!. Please note that this is a separate ticketed event, tickets are available now for €41 per person. Entry to Disneyland Park on the night will be permitted from 17:00.

Overall, this year’s celebration is very exciting; after last year’s Harvest theme, we’re returning to the roots of a Disney Halloween: The Villains. The focus on Maleficent makes a lot of sense taking into account her massive popularity and the fact that Disneyland Paris features Sleeping Beauty Castle. Anyone visiting this Halloween should have a spooktaclur time.

Coup de Cœur: Disney’s Halloween Festival

A mickey shaped pumpkin on a vine

The word ‘Festival’ in the official Halloween celebration title ‘Disney’s Halloween Festival’ is not coincidental. For 2013 is the year where ‘spooktacular’ Halloween is replaced by a more humble harvest theme. It all begins as we enter Disneyland Park and we meet the friendly Main Street USA residents who have been replaced by ghosts for one month only.

We quickly learn that these ghosts aren’t here to terrorise us, but instead to socialise with us and welcome us to their favourite season. Everything about the decorations on Main Street Station reassure guests that a Disney Halloween is different. As we move through the station, we see more friendly ghosts on Main Street USA who’ve decorated their street in the Halloween colours. The lampposts have been turned green and a witches hat placed upon them. As we walk through Town Square we hear more of a playful cackle than the usual jolly loop we are familiar with, the sounds of Halloween fill the air, pumpkins are placed on the lush green grass and the colours of Autumn surround us. This isn’t the usual ‘ghost and ghoul’ style Halloween, this is something different. In one corner of Town Square, we see Goofy taking Halloween incredibly seriously; he is making all the candy for his friends who come and see him for a trick or treat. In another corner, Duffy is also enjoying Halloween by putting on his best Halloween outfit as he prepares to go trick or treating.

It’s not just in Town Square where friendly ghosts come out to meet their guests. As we wander further down Main Street USA we meet ghosts from all sorts of different walks of life, ever wondered who really fixed the vehicles of Main Street USA? Who really cooks your food in Walts? The residents of the town, for one month only, have arrived to meet their favourite clients, you!

Three times a day on the parade route through Disneyland Park, the ghostly atmosphere is interrupted by Mickey and Friends who have come along to celebrate a more traditional harvest festival (To read more, check out this article by our friend at Dedicated to DLP). The parade soundtrack alludes to the more playful side of this harvest festival by referencing things such as ‘climbing trees’. The floats themselves bring the image of harvest through the country crop themeing along with the characters you know and love in their farmyard outfits. Character hunters will be pleased to see Clarabelle making her Disneyland Paris debut along with all the Ducks. What is particularly well done with this parade is the sheer number of performers involved, for a short two float parade this achieves the same satisfaction as a twenty-minute parade. The gaps before, after and in between floats are littered with dancers in beautiful costumes and with beautiful props. From the moment the parade reaches you, to the moment it has finished passing by, there are plenty of things to see and enjoy, which is its charm. This is a parade worthy of the Disney name, and will only grow in the future. We’re excited to see its evolution.
As we continue walking down Main Street we hit Casey’s Corner, and Minnie’s Costume Couture where we see her outdoor fashion house. We all know that Minnie is a fashionable mouse, but we’ve never before been allowed so close to her workspace. And, if you are lucky you might even get a photo with the designer herself, who is happy to pose for photos with her friends!
We move closer and closer to the Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, and as we arrive in Central Plaza, we begin to notice some familiar faces in a rather unfamiliar form. We all know that Halloween has become synonymous with pumpkins. What perhaps we did not expect was that we would see Mickey and friends in pumpkin form; providing guests with a perfect photo opportunity.
Frontierland is the home of Halloween spooks, with pumpkin men welcoming you to their home in Thunder Mesa, as well as the ever spooky Phantom Manor attraction which takes on a particular thrill at this time of year. But, just outside Phantom Manor why not take time to visit Jack Skellington at his spooky cemetery.
As we stroll throughout the enchanting Disneyland Park, our ears are filled with the music of bands playing Disney Halloween favourites. We reach our final destination of our walk through Disneyland Park this Halloween, and we receive a less than warm reception from the Disney Villains who have gathered close to the Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, ready to spook us.
Halloween 2013 is one of the best seasonal line ups we have seen in recent years, and just thinking that Christmas is usually taken even more seriously and that every year Halloween will get bigger sends a shiver down our spine. We look forward to finding out just what Christmas is like next month.
Coup de Cœur is a monthly feature on DLP Town Square celebrating what we love about Disneyland Paris and the details that make the resort so unique.

Disney’s Halloween Festival runs from the 5th – 31st October 2013

Spectacular Halloween begins at Disneyland Paris

Chef ghost outside Market House Deli
As the calendar turns to October, Halloween begins to register on every bodies radar across the world. The same is true for Disneyland Paris. Two years ago, Disneyland Paris essentially took everything we knew about Halloween as it was celebrated in the resorts, and rebuilt from the ground up. Last year, we had a very successful Christmas reboot, this year it was Halloween’s turn. Let’s start by saying: It sure does look spectacular and builds very well on the foundations we saw last year.

The big addition this year is the brand new Halloween cavalcade entitled ‘Mickey’s Halloween Celebration’, this fall themed parade features a mix of harvest Halloween fun and the Disney characters we know and love. The Pumpkin men return, Huey, Dewey and Louie make their Disneyland Paris debut as does Clarabelle. The country soundtrack fills the air creating a fun and party atmosphere rather than a scary ambiance. In short, this parade screams fun and will certainly put a huge grin on your face, despite the fact that it does to seem confirm Fantillusion won’t come back as these floats are redesigned floats from that parade. Video: DLRP Express

The characters, performers and cast members seem to be enjoying this new parade and it really shows, this has been a finely crafted parade. Bravo Disneyland Paris!

There is also a new addition close to Casey’s Corner as Minnie’s Costume Couture has arrived, every day Minnie will meet guests in her beautifully designed fashion workshop featuring all sorts of props for guests to have their photo taken with as well as themed sewing equipment and mirrors. Also of note are the Halloween themed parasols, it suits the season much better than the ordinary green parasols and look beautiful.

Fans of Jack and Sally’s Cemetery close to Phantom Manor will be delighted to learn that it returns for the new Halloween season, but with the addition of Jack’s water feature. Other returning features include Goofy’s Sweet Corner in Main Street USA as a photo location including one or two treats for Goofy’s friends (don’t worry, there are no tricks!). The Disney Villains will mix and mingle in the castle courtyard (all tricks and no treats!). Disneyland Paris have always managed to provide excellent character meets for the Halloween season and provide pleasing moments for all guests.

Finally, Main Street USA has been decorated extremely well with this Main Street Ghosts making their welcome return for another season, but with the addition of even more decorations such as orange banners and a new Halloween banner on Main Street Station (replacing the previous 20th Anniversary logo).

But, all this is just a start, Disneyland Paris promise us that each year will see a growth in the season, the fantastic looking season so far has already lead to Disneyland Paris fans proclaiming it the best Halloween the resort has ever seen, this just leaves the thought that the future of Halloween at Disneyland Paris is very bright, and will offer us many treats, and luckily no treats.

Bravo Disneyland Paris, you’ve made fans and guests of your resort very happy.

Disney’s Halloween Season runs from the 5th October until the 31st October 2013.

Halloween Festival starts to become unveiled.

Hewey, Dewey and Louie in a Halloween setting dressed in a harvest attire

Over at Disney Central Plaza forum, they’ve been discussing Halloween festival for a while now, today a press release has been posted that originates from ameworld.net. Here is the exciting news we’ve been waiting for, some details on Halloween 2013 at Disneyland Paris!

Hewie, Dewey and Louie will be arriving at Disneyland Paris from October 5th to celebrate Halloween, and their Uncle Scrooge will be joining them! The amazing Halloween decorations from last year will return as Main Street is transformed into a place where you can meet those friendly ghosts.

A new three float Halloween cavalcade will be presented by Mickey and Friends called ‘Mickey’s Halloween Celebration’ featuring Disneyland Paris’s newest arrivals (Hewie, Dewie, Louie and Uncle Scrooge as well as Clarabelle!).

Goofy will return with his sweet machine on Main Street USA, and we can, for the first time, visit Minnie’s studio where she will be creating some fashion creations.
Other returning features are the villains in the Castle Courtyard and Jack and Sally will return to their photo location outside Phantom Manor.
Characters will be present in Halloween dress (probably making up for the confirmed cancellation of Mickey’s Trick or Treat in the Street show)

Disney Dreams returns for the season where we can get ‘haunted’ by our favourite Disney Villains, Doctor Facilier, Ursula and Captain Hook.

Don’t forget Disneyland Park’s Soirée from 20:30 – 01:00 on the 31st October, and tickets are on sale now!

Below is the first visual from the Season, credit goes to Ameworld

Big thanks to Ameworld for posting this exciting press release. We think the 2013 Halloween season will be exciting, and we really cannot wait to see that Halloween cavalcade.

Will any of our readers be visiting the Halloween season? We’d love to know what you think of these proposed plans, comment below or tweet us @dlptownsquare

Halloween soirée tickets on sale!

Doctor Facilier ghost in front of the castle
Halloween publicity 2012, doctor facilier on Main Street.Tickets to one of the most special evenings on every Disney fans calendar, the Halloween Soirée, are now on sale at the Disneyland Park ticket offices at the entrance of the park.

Tickets cost €37 per person with reductions for annual passholders (-20% Fantasy Passeport Annuel, -30% Dream Passeport Annuel). The evening is from 20h30 until 01h00 with park access starting at 17h00 for those with tickets. (Tickets for the rest of the day at standard rate).
As per usual costumes are encouraged, but no covering of the face.

Expect wonderful one-off shows and a brilliant atmosphere for one of the best evenings of the Disneyland Paris year!

Image copyright Disney.