The future of Swing into Spring at Disneyland Paris

As the 2016 iteration of Swing into Spring comes to an end, it is time to think ahead to 2017 and beyond. The season, which was launched in 2014, has only gone from strength to strength. Each year the season expands, adds brand new decorations and shows. It has become, to many fans, their favourite season and a staple of the Disneyland Paris annual calendar. So, what is the future of Swing into Spring?

2017 is a big year for Disneyland Paris. April 12th will see the European resort turn twenty-five years old, and with it a year of celebration which itself has become a Disneyland Paris tradition. Unfortunately, this means that Swing into Spring will not be returning next year. But what is the future of the season in 2017, but perhaps more importantly in 2018?

101 Dalmatians topiary
One of the five themed toparies in Central Plaza during Swing into Spring

2017: Can some elements of Spring be saved?

The joy of the Spring season is that, in theory, elements can be saved and be presented as special happenings in their own right. On top of the list must be Minnie’s Little Spring Train, or at least some form of it. The Sunny Bunnyland song is far too popular to go away in the cupboard for a couple of years, it illuminates the entire park and really lifts the already joyous atmosphere to an even higher level. Therefore, the top of any list of things to ‘save’ from Spring has to be that song.

Other elements that could very well be brought across include Goofy’s Garden Party and/or Welcome to Spring. Both shows do not heavily rely on the Swing into Spring theme, but mention Spring very briefly.

The new Easter Egg decorations can be used quite easily in the park during the month of April for the Easter Holidays as they do not require too much in the way of preparation and maintenance.

Naturally, not all of these elements will return, but individual bits can quite happily co-exist at Disneyland Paris with the 25th Anniversary. Much like Halloween and Christmas which will be largely unaffected by the celebrations (as in previous anniversary years).

Minnie's Little Spring Train
Minnie’s Little Spring Train was the highlight of the Swing into Spring season.

2018: Swinging back into Spring?

The 25th Anniversary could very well end in April of 2018, although it most probably won’t. Does this mean a 2018 return for the Swing into Spring festivities? This is quite possible. The complication with 2017 is that Swing into Spring and the 25th Anniversary would both launch at quite similar times of year. This will not be the case in 2018. If the 25th Anniversary ends in April 2018, then it could be assumed that Swing into Spring returns. If the anniversary continues, it could still return in a modified state as it will next year. Potentially, this means that the next Swing into Spring season could be in 2019, three years from now! That seems rather a long time for something as popular as this new seasonal celebration.

So, what is the future of Swing into Spring?
Props for the Swing into Spring season

What is the future of Swing into Spring?

Naturally, this is the question on everybody’s lips. Swing into Spring is a very impressive season, it has fantastic live entertainment, enjoyable decorations, delicious snack options and well-designed merchandise. The more Spring that finds its way into the Disneyland Paris parks (and yes, Walt Disney Studios should be included), the better! Let’s cross our fingers for more innovation, more shows and parades and more special character meets for the most colourful and fun time of the year to be in Disneyland Paris!

Let’s start our own campaign for Sunny Bunnyland to come back for the 25th Anniversary year, tweet a photo of the train or its flashmob with the tag #BringBackBunnyland

Reasons to be excited for the future of Disneyland Paris

Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney Dreams! at Disneyland Paris

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, the twentieth anniversary of Disneyland Paris launched amongst huge fanfare and press attention. It’s quite easy to say that the celebrations were a game-changer. Before the 20th Anniversary, Disneyland Paris had troubles – that much we all know. The quality of theming was deteriorating and entertainment was dwindling. It was not so easy to be a fan. Then, Disney Dreams! launched – for the first time we had something the Disney community from around the world was jealous of. Since then, Disneyland Paris has gone from strength to strength. The re-invigoration of the Christmas and Halloween seasons have brought a fresh focus on high-quality seasonal entertainment as opposed of the ‘yearly celebrations’ of old, this is proved by the creation of a Swing into Spring season and a much rumoured Summer season launching in 2015. Walt Disney Studios Park has not been forgotten in this rapid expansion of high-quality additions, the launch of a “Diamond in the Rough” has re-invigorated the park in a way we could have only dreamed of 5 years ago.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney Dreams! at Disneyland Paris

A question at the Ratatouille launch was “What’s next?” – We don’t really know. Rumours range from Toy Story Mania, to Star Tours 2 and even stretch to a potential Marvel third gate. But the future is almost certainly bright.  Today, fans have discovered a report published on the Disney Central Plaza stating that a variety of new things are coming to the parks. So, what can we expect?

  • Free WiFi inside the Parks: All you live-tweeters out there will be grinning from ear-to-ear at this news. Free WiFi has been gradually rolled out in Disneyland Paris – and it’s actually pretty good. So far, all the hotels are covered as is Disney Village. But from as early as 2015, the parks should be too. Now, I don’t want this WiFi to be everywhere, but in a large area of outdoor space, this could be good. (And would significantly reduce my mobile data costs!). There could be a hidden reason behind this though, it’ll improve our interactivity with services such as PhotoPass+ and could pave the way to Magic Bands.
  • RFID Passes: If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, you’ll have experience with Magic Bands but RFID passes could pave the way to having everything on one ticket (or band?): Hotel Room, Park Passes, Fastpass. So, MyMagic+ could soon be arriving in Disneyland Paris – and this wouldn’t be totally out of the blue. It has actually been rumoured that Disneyland Paris would be the second resort to get the technology.
  • Disney Village and Walt Disney Studios Expansion: Euro Disney SCA and The Walt Disney Company could be working together to finance this, which is great news! A re-energised Disney Village is desperately needed, despite already been a reasonably pleasant place to pass an hour or two. Walt Disney Studios is a no-brainer, something has to be done – preferably before Park 3 arrives on the horizon.
  • Hotel New York Refurbishment: The current refurbishment of Hotel Newport Bay Club should take it up to a 4* hotel (According to Disney’s ratings), and now work should start (once the former is completed) to make Hotel New York a 4*+ resort – this will mean the hotel will close its doors for a year. This will reduce occupancy but should bring in a ‘higher class’ clientele. Higher class, more money – simple right?

Disney Village Sign at Disneyland Paris

That’s all today’s news. But on top of all that, we already know that a large number of attractions will be getting an update before the 25th Anniversary, eventually a new attraction will appear (probably Toy Story Mania) and of course, that anniversary will arrive bringing us whatever Disney have in store for us – likely a new parade. Based on Disney’s worldwide recent additions, I think we can quite safely say that the imagineers and design teams really have returned to the quality that they are famous for – this mixed with the magnificent leadership team at Disneyland Paris should allow for a bright future. Next month Philippe Gas leaves Disneyland Paris for Shanghai, which is testament to his leadership to be given such a role in Disney’s biggest investment yet. He will be replaced by Tom Wolber arriving from Walt Disney World, let’s wish him luck and wait and see this brave, and exciting, direction we go. Yes, the future certainly is bright.

This article was compiled with the help of write-ups and tweets from Dedicated to DLP, PhotosMagiques and Disney Central Plaza