Olaf during Disney Dreams! of Christmas

Embracing the Frozen Heart

In 2013, the Disney Universe was shaken by a new film based on  Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen; a film that Walt Disney himself wanted

Mickey and Minnie kissing in front of the castle

We need a Disney Christmas now…

During last years Christmas season, Disneyland Paris introduced the new Christmas Cavalcade to huge praise from the Disneyland Paris community. The short parade consisted of

Christmas tree in town square lit up.

Believing in the power of a wish

Quand on prie la bonne étoile, La Fée bleu secoue son voile, anything thing your heart desires will come to you.  One of the highlights

Night on Main Street with the Christmas tree and garlands illuminated

Let the Festive Fantasy commence!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year in Disneyland Paris. It’s a time that both parks get involved with, and evidence of the season

Olaf on the snowy Disneyland Paris castle

Once upon a Christmas Dream…

As Disney Dreams! began to be talked about more and more, it was revealed that the nature of the show allowed for scenes to be

Reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh in the Christmas Cavalcade

2013 Christmas Season Rumours!

Disneyland Paris promised a bigger Christmas season than ever before and so far that seems to be the case. So, let’s just get straight into