20th Anniversary

Main Street Station decorated for the 20th Anniversary

20th Highlights: Memories

I try to keep my articles very impersonal, I tend not to use ‘I’ and not talk about my personal opinions. (If you want to

Characters on Main Street USA celebrate the 20th Anniversary day of Disneyland Paris

20th Highlights: 12/04/2012

April 12th, for Disneyland Paris fans this date has a special meaning in their hearts. The optimism in the air at launch was replicated exactly

Disney Dreams! opening sequence projected onto the castle

20th Highlights: Disney Dreams!

A series of posts of 20th Anniversary highlights could not miss the new spectacular Disney Dreams! show. Disney Dreams! has put Disneyland Paris on the

Mickey and Minnie snowmen on Central Plaza

20th Highlights: Seasons!

If a company could own Christmas and Halloween, Disney would be the one that would want to have it. The 20th Anniversary brought a renewed

Meet Mickey Mouse building at dusk

20th Highlights: Meet Mickey Mouse

Once upon a time, a theatre at the back of Fantasyland put on magical shows with Mickey, Minnie and other Disney friends. However, this eventually