Captain Jack’s Restaurant Review

About 8 years ago, I took my first and final visit to the Blue Lagoon restaurant at Disneyland Paris. I had one of the most wonderful meals of my Disneyland Paris life, it was a dream come true to eat in this wonderful restaurant. In 2017, the Blue Lagoon became Captain Jack’s: Le Restaurant des Pirates, the menu was changed to be primarily fish based and no longer really appealed to me.

Fast forward, and now the menu is a balanced mix between fish and other dishes, each with a unique Caribbean twang. So, it was time to give it another try.

The Restaurant

The restaurant itself is a masterpiece of imagineering, much like the attraction you begin inside and transition to an “outdoor” environment (of course, in reality you are still inside). It’s night time in the Caribbean and time for dinner, the new restaurant owner Jack Sparrow has created new dishes for us to try.

Captain Jack’s is not overly changed from the Blue Lagoon, a few tweaks here and there to add in pirate flags and Jack Sparrow wanted posters, but nothing that feels too out of place – the theme here is very subtle. The big improvement is that the lighting has been increased allowing you to not be sat in near-darkness which was an issue in the old restaurant. Luckily, this extra lighting does not have too much of an impact from the ride.

Starter: Cod Fritters

I ordered the Cod Fritters which came with a creole cabbage salad and tamarind sauce. This dish is not overly large but the fried cod in the sauce with a bit of the cabbage all blended well together.

The plate was not too overbearing with 5 cod fritters and a very small cabbage salad, I found this the perfect size for a starter, it just wet the appetite for what was to come. A big dislike of mine is when a starter could almost be substituted for a main dish, this type of thing ruins the meal as you are full by the time mains arrive. Luckily, we’re all good here.

Main: Tender Beef with Jalapeno Salsa and Sweet Potato Mash

The main event of this meal was the Tender Beef. A good piece of beef should tear apart elegantly, this very much does. One poke of the fork and pieces of beef fall off and can be combined with the sweet potato mash, salsa or indeed be eaten on its own. The beef has a quality taste to it and had no gristle – thumbs up from me!

I must admit, I had not tried mashing sweet potato before, not because I don’t like sweet potato, it’s just not something I had ever considered. That changes from now, the mash here had a nice taste to it, not too creamy and not too harsh, it hit a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

I really enjoyed this dish, it’s one of the more pricey on the menu and doesn’t feature on set menus, but it is worth every penny.

Desert: Rice Pudding with a Mango Purée

For me, this was the true island taste of summer. Nothing says summer like Mango, and here it was a-plenty. Firstly, this rice pudding is served cold – a little surprise but not an unpleasant one. Secondly, it is given a coca dust covering which just works in spicing it up somewhat. I really enjoyed this desert and would order it again and again.

Overall thoughts

Captain Jack’s is a real surprise entry to my list of favourite Disneyland Paris restaurants. The menu is so incredibly varied offering everything from fish, to chicken, to beef and to salads. The themed environment is something to die for, and Cast Members do not rush you through your meal (I was in the restaurant for around 2 hours). Speaking of Cast Members, Disneyland Paris really does excel at table service, cast are always extremely friendly and attentive, it was no different here at Captain Jack’s.

I will certainly be back.,

Meal Information

Starter: Cod Fritters with fried cassava, tamarind sauce and Creole Cabbage Salad €17.99

Main: Tender Beef with tamarind sauce, jalapeño salsa, and sweet potatoes €37.99

Desert: Island style rice pudding with mango purée €14.99

I paid for this meal myself, and did take advantage of the Infinity Annual Pass discount of 15%