Happy new year!

It’s been a crazy 2016 for Disneyland Paris and an awful lot has happened! Star Tours ended its long run with a spectacular finale evening, the continued Project Sparkle left us dazzled.

On a personal note, I attended my first press event and brought you all back an exclusive look at Mickey and the Magician, had a wonderful time with friends at Halloween and had an enchanting Christmas weekend.

Let’s take a quick look at my top 5 articles of 2016!

How Disneyland Paris missed the Star Wars buzz

Just 3 months after one of the biggest films of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disneyland Paris shut down Star Tours. How on earth did they allow themselves to miss the Star Wars hype? This was a question I asked in one of my first articles of the year.

Bob Iger and George Lucas

The magic of enchanting live entertainment

I have always loved watching shows and parades in Disneyland Paris. A Disney park is so much more than rides and nice scenery, there are so many experiences that you can take in over the course of a day. When Forest of Enchantment debuted in Frontierland, I was so overjoyed that live singing and shows had returned to the resort that I was compelled to write this.

Tangled Scene during the Forest of Enchantment
Tangled Scene during the Forest of Enchantment at Disneyland Paris

Fan relations in Disneyland Paris – what next?

This one was actually an easy one to write. I wrote it as a tribute to various people within Disneyland Paris who do their very best to bring us, the fans of Disneyland Paris, all the latest news from inside the resort. They work hard to bring us whatever they can and quite often go without any recognition from the fan community. If you are reading this: you know who you are, and thank you once again!

Fan Group photo Ratatouille

1987 Convention

Ever since I started this website, I wanted to write this piece. I had all the pieces I needed for years, I had the knowledge I simply didn’t have the words I needed to piece it together. I’m immensely proud of this piece and I hope it gives you a little more understanding on how Disneyland Paris came into existence, and how the resort is set up.

The Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland Paris
The best castle debate is not the only debate that Disneyland Paris fans engage with.

The making of Mickey and the Magician

Perhaps the biggest honour I could have received was that Disneyland Paris asked me to go along and preview the new Mickey and the Magician show. I cannot stress enough how honoured I was to receive this invitation and I’m quite proud of the articles that came out of it. Meeting the makers of this delightful show was a pleasure I will never forget.

And there we have it. That was 2016!

Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017!