The best burgers in Disneyland Paris!

In the deep concrete of Backlot in the Walt Disney Studios park lies a hidden gem. The Café des Cascadeurs is a real treat for the taste buds but it also has a hidden bit of Disney history. It is here you’ll find the best burgers in Disneyland Paris!

The exterior of Café des Cascadeurs
Café des Cascadeurs is the oldest building in any Disney Park

The oldest item in Disneyland Paris!

The Walt Disney Studios park opened in 2002, 10 years after its older brother. But, the Walt Disney Studios park holds a greater accolade – it has the oldest item in Disneyland Paris – and indeed in any Disney park in the world! The tin-can building was built in the 1940s to serve hot dinners in the 1940s in the United States. The wagon was then moved to the Germany and eventually ended up in the hands of Disney to be placed in Disneyland Paris. So, the wagon built in the 1940s predates anything at Disneyland Resort which opened in 1955.

The famous Cascadeurs burgers

I am claiming responsibility for the popularity of the Café des Cascadeurs popularity in the Disneyland Paris fan community. In April 2014 I was lucky enough to finally see the restaurant open – because the Café des Cascadeurs is elusive. I popped in and ordered the double Angus burger without the garnish. I was seated on the bar stools next to the kitchen, I got to see the chefs at work! I am pleased to say that I watched the chefs make my burger from the original minced steak. The thing that strikes you when you walk into the restaurant is the smell, the smell of fresh cooking is one of the best smells one has the pleasure of experience. The burger arrives and it looks full, juicy and delicious.

The Double Angus burger in Café des Cascadeurs
The Double Angus burger in Café des Cascadeurs

The best part of it all is that it stacks up. The burger is as good as it looks and more. I left the restaurant and immediately claimed that this was the best food you can find in the entire resort. Since then I’ve eaten at a number of other restaurants in Disneyland Paris, including the Bistrot Chez Rémy, and I’m pleased to say that I stick by my claim. If you like burgers, you owe it to yourself to try this restaurant!

A swinging 50’s ambiance

This restaurant, as like many of the Disneyland Paris eateries, is about so much more than the food. This is also true here, whilst the name suggests stuntman (Cascadeur being French for stuntman), happily this theme extends only to the sign and bike outside. This truly is a 1950’s dining experience. What will immediately strike you is the pastel colour scheme, it’s very simple but really easy on the eye and effectively transports you to another world. Immediately upon entering on your right-hand side, there is a jukebox. Ask a cast member and they’ll happily turn it on for this is no simple prop, this is a real working jukebox playing things such as Elvis Presley.

The interior of Café des Cascadeurs
The pastel colours of the interior of Café des Cascadeurs

Food for thought

The Café des Cascadeurs is a diamond in the rough if you will. This is the perfect restaurant to come visit if you like a good burger in a really pleasant ambiance. The outside views may not be overly special but the inside and food more than make up for it. Take a trip to the Walt Disney Studios for lunch, you really won’t regret it.