B&B Hotel: The ideal budget stay at Disneyland Paris

B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris is a budget hotel located 5 minutes away from the resort. Offering a comfortable stay and a buffet breakfast, this hotel could be the ideal family choice. Read the full review.

We’ve all been there, looking at prices for a Disneyland Paris stay and the eyes pop out of your skull when you see the prices. Enter B&B Hotel at Disneyland Paris, a hotel with all the comforts of Disneyland Paris hotel at a tiny price and is a very short distance from the parks. If all you want to do is escape to Disneyland Paris then it is extremely difficult to fault this hotel.

The check-in process

The check-in process at B&B Hotel is extremely quick. Upon entering the lobby the check-in desks are located to the right-hand side of the lobby; whilst queueing for check-in there are plenty of seats and even a small merry-go-round style round to occupy the kids. The desk is manned 24 hours a day by plenty of staff who speak a wide range of languages – these languages are indicated on their name badges. There is a small form to fill in on your first stay which will ask for your personal details for the police files, however unlike the Disney hotels once these have been completed once you will never have to do this again as you will be kept on record.

Rooms are ready from 3pm, however if you arrive early you are able to keep your luggage in the safe storage room – you will need some euro change for this as the lockers are secured by a refundable deposit.

The Hotel

The B&B Hotel is a large partner hotel, but despite its size feels quite compact with all the facilities located in the centre of the hotel meaning you are never walking too far when you want to use the hotel facilities. The hotel offers guests a Disneyland Paris boutique (with the park-to-hotel shopping service, although unlike the Disney hotels here your shopping will take 1 day to arrive) which offers a good range of items and toiletries much like the on-site hotel stores.

The Disneyland Paris Shop at the Hotel B&B

There is also a small games room which is equipped with vending machines, these vending machines are stocked with microwaveable meals with microwaves located next to them for a quick bite to eat. 

The breakfast room in the evening doubles as a restaurant and bar. The food is very basic but is reasonably priced and the bar is well stocked for a budget hotel with drinks sourced from across Europe. 

The Rooms

Rooms at the B&B Hotel have different configurations. There are some rooms that take a reasonably sized family (5 people) and other rooms designed for couples, this means that whatever your group size, there is likely to be a configuration of room that works for you.

Hotel room at the Hotel B&B at Disneyland Paris

The rooms are very large and extremely comfortable. The beds are soft enough for a good night sleep and rooms come well stocked with pillows. Each room also has a large HD television with a large variety of channels (unlike the Disney hotels, there is a very restricted access to international channels).

The shower room is of a good size and basic toiletries are provided. General upkeep of the room is of a high quality and a daily cleaning service is provided. 


All rooms in the B&B hotel have a continental breakfast included. The buffet takes up a large area and there are plenty of seats within the breakfast room, however if you do time it wrongly it can be extremely busy. Breakfast options include poached eggs, pastries, yoghurts, toast and jams and a good selection of cereals. It is buffet service, so do eat enough to keep you going for a full morning in the parks.

Breakfast Buffet selection at Hotel B&B Disneyland Paris

Getting to the Disney Parks

Getting to the parks is simple. A bus drops you off right at the front door of the hotel and takes you to the same bus station as the Disney Hotel shuttle busses. The only difference is that the one bus serves a number of hotels and so it can get busy. Busses are frequent enough for this to not be a major problem, although at park closing you may have to wait a couple of busses to get on board.

Overall thoughts

The B&B Hotel at Disneyland Paris is a perfect budget hotel for families and those looking for a cheap getaway. The location being close enough to the parks to still feel part of the Disney bubble is a major plus of the hotel as is the free transport to and from the parks. I can thoroughly recommend this hotel.