April Pins: It really is a small world!

A new month, a new set of pins, and what a set of pins Disneyland Paris have lined up for us this month. There is some form of Pin release every Saturday throughout April with standard releases taking two of the four weekends, a pin day taking place on the 12th April and a Pin Event on the 26th April and a unique Thursday release as Disneyland Paris celebrates It’s a Small World turning 50 years old.

Pin releases for April 2014 in Disneyland ParisA really nice set of pins takes us into the Spring season beginning with the return of the wonderful attraction series: Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. This pin is a must have, the sense of scale looks to have been achieved very well. There is another Alice pins (which will delight Alice in Wonderland fans) as she appears on a Dreams! pin – which amuses me since Alice appears for approximately 5 seconds during the show. A few Eiffel Tower pins keeps that collection going for another month. A rather random Mickey and Minnie love pin (perhaps better suited to February, but oh well…) and finally, a very random (but likely to be much-loved) Grape Soda pin from the Disney-Pixar film UP.

Thursday 10th April sees a special limited release of the It’s a Small World 50th Anniversary pin badge. This is to be sold in a limited number of stores between the 10th-30th April – let’s hope they have a limited number released each day, or else these could vanish very fast. This is a part of a world-wide release it would seem.

Finally, from the regular pins: A Rapunzel Easter pin is on the menu, which will probably sell out in seconds. Despite that, it’s a lovely looking pin.

Pin Trading Day Poster April 2014

It’s Spring in Disneyland Park and a new festival has launched – luckily, the Pin Trading department has joined in. By providing us with an additional Pin Trading Day on the 12th April.  I expect to see pins of the various flower toparies that we’ll be seeing throughout the park. – They should look great!

Finally, a Witches and Wizards Pin Event will be held on the 26th April; I’m totally unsure as what to expect from this – but we could see some very rare characters making their way onto pins. I’d be upset if a Merlin pin wasn’t produced for example.

Well, that’s it for April. Lots of pins to enjoy – what did you think? Let me know!