Agrabah Cafe: Dinner worthy of an Arabian night.

Hidden away in plain sight is a diamond in the rough, except it’s not in the rough at all, it’s in the middle of the absolutely beautiful Adventureland Bazaar, is the Agrabah Cafe restaurant. This buffet style restaurant is open most days and focuses on the more oriental style of cuisine. Put quite simply, Agrabah Cafe is a dining experience at Disneyland Paris that is unique and sensational.

Agrabah Cafe restaurant interior
The interior of the Agrabah Cafe restaurant

A little history

Agrabah Cafe has not always been a restaurant. The Adventureland Bazaar once was home to a real market place with small shops and boutiques lining the street and offered an intensely themed shopping experience. Knowing this little piece of history allows guests to appreciate the decor much more knowing the story behind it all and trying to figure out where the shops were in this unique area. That task is actually not overly difficult as the dining area is spread across multiple rooms, most of which would once have been a shop of some description. And, of course, the main room was once the main street of the Bazaar.

The Decoration

The decoration in this restaurant is sublime and easily one of the best in Disneyland Paris. Every effort has been made to preserve the originality of the bazaar and its stalls whilst also providing guests with an intimate dining experience that feels like it is straight out of the Aladdin film.

Agrabah Cafe Interior
Interior of the Agrabah Cafe restaurant

But if you are not a fan of Aladdin, do not let this put you off as whilst the aesthetic and name are very much inspired by the film, inside there is nothing at all to remind you of the film. Upon entering the restaurant, the vista of this market street immediately opens up before you. The waiting area is a former courtyard complete with a fountain and seating. There are several dining areas including one small outdoor eating area, each feels unique in its own right. Upon visiting, make sure you take a walk through the restaurant, you never quite know what you will see amongst all the random artefacts on the walls and always remember to look up at the lighting. Everything in this restaurant feels authentic and that is perhaps its greatest asset. It feels real.

The food

As already mentioned earlier in this review, the food at Agrabah Cafe tends to focus predominately on food from a more oriental and middle-eastern cuisine, but that is not to say that guests with more western tastes will not find plenty to eat here. Let’s begin by saying that the food is delicious and the flavours offered are extensive. Eating at Agrabah Cafe can be an exciting experience.

Agrabah Cafe Food

Each part of each course can take you to different places and different taste palettes. It is an exciting place to eat. The range of starters is not overly large, there are a good mix of salads on offer as well as bread and dips. This type of starter is perhaps typical for oriental cuisine, less typical for your average western buffet in Disneyland Paris. However the mains are plentiful and offer a potential wide range of meals that guests are able to create. The highlight of which will be the opportunity to create a kebab sandwich using the various (and plentiful) ingredients provided.

Agrabah Cafe Food

Other options include the creation of a couscous style dish as well as the possibility to enjoy more western style offerings such as chicken as well as pasta with sauce. Overall the main course of the Agrabah Café buffer offers something for everyone. Whilst there is a strong leaning towards eastern cuisine, even the most fussy of eaters will find something to eat. The desserts were a more typical Disneyland Paris affair with some nice twists of some classics. A personal favourite here was the Green tea and Chocolate cake. The flavours in this were extremely rich and allowed for a delicious and filling desert.

Agrabah Cafe Dessert

The mint tea is an additional cost drink that can be added when ordering. This is one to absolutely try, the teapot holds enough tea for 3-4 people and the flavourings are fresh and delicious. It makes the perfect end of dinner treat to relax and unwind with.

Agrabah Cafe Mint Tea


Agrabah Café is a fantastic place to eat with decor that instantly transports guests to a middle eastern bazaar with food that is both delicious and unique in Disneyland Paris. Agrabah Café is certainly worth trying and is one I already cannot wait to return to.