Photo of Donald with the site ownerWhen we enter a Disney park, we leave reality at the gate, we turn the turnstile and enter another world. A world where everything has a reason behind it, a world where yesterday is just as good (if not better) than today, and the promise of the future is bright. We immerse ourselves in this world for days at a time, but eventually we must leave and return home to that reality. I fell in love with this world in 1999 when I first visited Disneyland Paris, I loved the stories that are lovingly told from the diversion from reality. As time went on, I became interested in the history and the future of the resort whilst at the same time enjoying the present.

Having spent time living very close to the resort, I began to see it’s increasing importance to the local region, how it effected the local and national life, as I became a bigger and bigger fan of the resort, I became a student of it and so DLP Town Square was born and dedicated to the resorts past, present and future. Through my research I hope to explore the past, document the present and speculate on the future.

I really hope you find what I write interesting and enjoyable.

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My Disneyland Paris favourites:

Attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean. For me, nothing beats the moment you walk into that building and the smell of the water hits your nose. From then on, it’s a purely delightful adventure through the queue line before boarding the boat, and setting sail on an adventure with salty ol’ pirates.

Restaurant: The Lucky Nugget Saloon. Whilst not being alive in the times of the wild west, we fantasize about it, mostly through film. Evidently Walt Disney was a dreamer too, and created Frontierland in Disneyland Resort which has been replicated here in Paris. It just feels right, you walk in the doors, and you are back in that period, enjoying a quick meal and drink, just like in the old west.

Shop:  Harringtons. The Disneyana collectible store is a real treat for Disney fans, the range of merchandise on the shelves is extensive, and is set in this magnificent building topped by a beautiful dome.