That’s it, it’s over. Another successful Disney trip comes to an end. And the worst part – you know what happens next. You are about to live the most difficult week of your life. You’re going to be tired – because walking around that park all day is exhausting, but you’ll also be grumpy as you’ve left your happy place. Your colleagues at work or friends at school just do not understand, Disney is not just a holiday – it is a way of life. Here are the five stages of Post Disney Depression – or PDD.

1 – Denial

Nope, I am not going home. I will have all the Fastpasses today. Food? We might as well make it a character brunch at Inventions. Oh look at all these Euros, these must be spent in the shops immediately. ‘Do you want our magic offer?’ I don’t even need a blanket, but its €10 so I probably should buy it anyway.


2 – The slow walk down Main Street USA

If I walk slower, I can’t leave right? Then its that time to turn around and take that one last look at the castle. This is the moment it hits. A little tear appears in the corner of your eye. Your friends or family may not get it, but to you this moment is heart breaking.


3 – Desperation to get home

Traveling? Why do we have to do that?!? I’m exhausted, just get me home now. You hear me? I WANT TO GO HOME NOW! Delayed? You mean I left Disneyland before I needed to?!?


4 – Grumpy

You get back into the office, people asked you if you had a nice trip. You’re pleasant and say ‘It was great thanks’ but you really mean ‘I wish I was there now. I hate it here.’ The clock moves slower this week, you start thinking ‘this time yesterday I was in Casey’s.’


5 – The need to go home

‘What if I looked at Eurostar prices?’ And suddenly you’re already looking at the calendar for your return. The deal is too good, that big green book button gets pressed. You’re going back home! The countdown begins! PDD is over, well done you!



  1. LOL Geoff, I can certainly relate to your PDD! Agree that friends and family don’t really understand how we feel when we are in DLP, and how we feel when we have to leave. I hate knowing that everything going on in DLP as normal and I am not there being part of it, especially if something new opens like Mickey and the Magician. I feel myself thinking ‘ Magic On Parade is just starting’, ‘Dreams is just starting’, ‘Goofy’s Garden Party is just starting’, etc and imagining it in my head.
    If I havn’t got my next trip booked before I leave I feel a sense of panic, as the only way I can leave without tears is knowing I am returning soon. Ideally at least two trips booked. At present I have three booked, so I feel calm, although it’s very difficult waiting until October following my April and June trips. 4 months gap is a bit too long for me. Seems like 4 years.
    It’s good that other people who love DLP understand how we feel, and not consider us crazy!

    • haha! Excellent. I was just thinking how desperate I am to go back. My most recent trip for the Magician launch was so good, I was desperate to not leave. I lived a bit in denial. I have a next trip booked, but it’s far too far away. October 29th can’t come soon enough!

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