5 reasons to be excited for the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle

This summer the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle arrives at Disneyland Paris. Here are the top 5 reasons not to miss this season!

On June 30th 2019, Disneyland Paris will come alive with the sights and sounds of the Lion King and the Jungle; the festival promises to be the highlight of the 2019 Disneyland Paris year but also will likely see an explosion of colour and music the likes we have never seen before.

Should you visit this Summer? Here are 5 reasons that will almost certainly have to itching to visit the parks and enjoy the festival!

1. The Jungle Book Jive looks really fun!

Dare I say it already, this could be the same level of fun as the Disney Pirate of Princess: Make your Choice show. There will be so many different elements to enjoy: from the giant animals, to amazing Indian-inspired costumes, and even the Disney Characters in super cute explorer outfits!

Donald and Daisy in their Jungle Book Jive outfits at Disneyland Paris

And all that is before we even talk about the music! The song for the parade – which we don’t yet know the name of, but I’m going with “On Our Way” – is a true ear-worm. The music blends the fun we all know and love from a traditional Disney song and sprinkles in some glorious Indian influences. The whole thing works and will become a classic; guests at the 2019 Disneyland Paris InsidEars conference were treated to a little preview:

2. Super fun snacks for Roaringly good photos

Disneyland Paris have upped their snack game in recent years, we have come from very basic cupcakes to fun snacks like the Awesome Mix Tape cassette cake. For the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle, we already know that there are yet more special snacks. We have previewed just some of these including a cookie paw filled with Nutella, a Coconut Paw cake pop and Zebra doughnuts.

Some snacks from the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle at Disneyland Paris

These look fantastic and we know that they are going to be joined by even more snacks as time goes on. Summer and exotic flavours are something that we are very likely to be able to enjoy.

3. Rhythm of the Pridelands is going to be huge

The Lion King is going to be the hit of the summer in your local cinema as well as in Disneyland Paris. The big stage show this summer will be Lion King themed but with enough subtle twists so as to feel different from other Lion King productions in the parks and on the West End (or Broadway).

The show more centres around being human in its depiction of the film, this will go all the way down to each and every character who will be humans wearing outfits inspired by the characters. It all sounds a bit strange initially, but the costumes truly do look amazing:

Costume Preview for the Rhythm of the Pridelands show at Disneyland Paris

If you love a good and imaginative stage, this show is set up to be a giant drum, the whole theatre will come alive with the sights – but more importantly, the sounds – of the Lion King. This is looking to be unmissable.

4. A new village: Djembe Joy

Next to the Frontierland Theatre will be a small village specially constructed for the season: Djembe Joy. We don’t know much about Djembe Joy for the moment, but it looks to be the place where there will be some fun shows, character meets, food and possibly merchandise. The idea of the season having a central hub is something that will work really nicely and adds reasons to enjoy the seasonal celebrations on offer.

Djembe Joy village at Disneyland Paris for the Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle

5. Lion King packages for added fun

Whilst the season is a complete experience for all guests, the additional Lion King Signature Packages add something pretty exciting to the guest experience. The additional features on this package (aside from the gift card and reserved seating for Rhythms of the Pridelands) will very likely benefit those who love exclusive experiences – meeting Minnie in her Jungle Explorer outfit, a special character meal in Hakuna Matata and a free souvenir mug and drumming experience. It feels enough to justify the price and is something that many big Disney Character fans will really enjoy.

Lion King Signature Package gift card at Disneyland Paris

A summer full of fun is coming!

This summer at Disneyland Paris excites me. Everything that I’ve already seen and read makes me more and more excited to visit; the colours, the sounds and the atmosphere. The Lion King and the Jungle Book fit Summer perfectly, this is going to be a season to remember, and where we celebrate every day.

Are you excited? Check out all the deals currently on offer through the Disneyland Paris website and live this amazing summer!