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Welcome to DLP Town Square

Proudly celebrating

Welcome to DLP Town Square – Disneyland Paris Past, Present and Future. There has never been a better time to focus on these three topics; Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary which looks to past successes and also to the resort’s future.

25th Anniversary Central Plaza statues - Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary

25: A park that sparkles

Project Sparkle has all lead up to this. The 25th anniversary is here and the park has got a complete overhaul; blue and silver are the colours that have been chosen to represent this most magical of celebrations. These colours appear across the resort allowing the second gate of Disneyland Paris to join in the…

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25th Anniversary Starlit Princess Waltz - Aurora at Disneyland Paris

Starlit Princess Waltz review

Aurora takes centre stage in this beautiful princess pageant The Starlit Princess Waltz. Too often the princess shows in Disneyland Paris have involved nothing more than twirling to generic music, this show seeks to change that perception and produce something more. But has it been a success? Yes and no. This show is more than…

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